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Book 40 Poems, cover. Disclosure.

Book plays with the imaginary and the unconscious of the reader

Transport the reader to a poetic ecstasy stage from enigmatic images, unusual and intoxicating. This is the proposal of "40 Poems", poet Alexandra Vieira de Almeida, reissued by the publisher Penalux. The work brings more hermetic and dream texts, that travels the imaginary and the unconscious.

Considering reading as a breathtaking experience that leads people to the mysteries of the self and the world, Alexandra is keen to emphasize these characteristics in his work with a very rich and extensive poetic content that plays all the time with the public's imagination. "My poems are mighty, transbordantes, like a river that runs vertiginously. I want the reader drunk with wine doses in a dream state and confabulation ".

According to the author, the work received great influence of important epochs of literature, as Symbolism and Surrealism. "The greatest inspirations came from Rimbaud and Murilo Mendes poets".

She also comments that favorite poetry is "The Fisherman and the Sea", contained in the fourth-book cover. "It's one of the poems that my mother likes. It shows all the fisherman's relationship with what surrounds it in its activity in the water ".

For the PhD in Comparative Literature by UERJ Marcelo dos Santos, Alexandra the work of the poems are "noise of an experience that moves between the dream and the rite". according to Santos, the texts lead the audience into a kind of experience that unites dreams and daydreams, ritualizing verses as jugglers images that introduce the moments of beauty as originating in the stage of the myth.

About the author

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Alexandra Vieira de Almeida is a teacher, poet, storyteller, chronicler, reviewer and essayist, besides being PhD in Comparative Literature from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). He has published five books of poetry adult, the first being "40 poems" and the latest "Zero Serenity". It also has an essay book, "Literature, myth and national identity " (2008), and a children, for children 6 to 10 years, "Xandrinha in: open garden " (Penalux, 2017).

Book "40 Poems"
Publisher: Penalux
Size: 18 cm
Pages: 78
Price: 36,00
Link to buy: www.editorapenalux.com.br/loja/40-poemas?search=40%20poemas
personal website: www.malabarismospoeticos.blogspot.com.br


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