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Clay and Luciana Brites Neuro Institute Know. Photo: Disclosure.

Book: How to know what your child really needs?

Child development experts talk about the challenges of education

Many parents do everything that children want only to please them or to compensate for any lack. However, it can cost you dearly in the future of children. To help families meet the challenges of education, experts in child development Clay and Luciana Brites, Institute NeuroSaber, throw the book "How to know what your child really needs?”.

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The work aims to guide parents and help teachers. The idea is that everyone can learn how to promote a mentally healthy environment for little ones who will one day be adults and that will make this world a better place.

The book aims to teach the seven pillars for children's education: educating for frustration, to educate decision, educating for performing, educate to the conflict, educate to learn, educating for dialogue and education to be happy.

Subjects will be discussed on, for example, freeing the child's protective bubble, the extent to which education is a school account, as the absence of parents influence on the development and how to emotionally prepared to educate.

Capa Livro “Como saber o que seu filho realmente precisa?“. Divulgação.

Book cover "How to know what your child really needs?“. Disclosure.

Education in modernity

According to the neurologist Clay Brites, modern creation has left parents literally "hair-raising". This happens because of today's children develop extremely quickly and with more and more amazing requirements. "This calls into question the future of this generation".

– So we want to show parents and guardians about what we can and should do to make our children have an extraordinary future - highlights.


According to educational psychologist Luciana Brites, many children are lost when they reach adolescence and several children boundless leave parents sleepless, thinking of where failed. "These dilemmas that motivated us to develop the book".

Luciana says these bad results happen due to mistakes many parents make without knowing. According to her, good intentions, or wrong compensation, They can be costly in the future of children. "Parents need to always keep in mind the need to prepare children to face the present day".

– Often the parent want to compensate for their absence in the lives of children with something. So, because of that do everything to please them and forget the responsibility of educating and disciplining – rebate.

Clay e Luciana Brites. Foto: Divulgação.

Clay and Luciana Brites. Photo: Disclosure.

About the authors:

Luciana Brites specializes in Special Education Mental Retardation area and Clinical Psychology and the Institutional UniFil Londrina and Psychomotor the Higher Institute of Education ISPE – Cae São Paulo. In addition, He is coordinator of Abenepi Center in Londrina.

Dr. Clay Brites graduated in Pediatrics and Pediatric Neurology by the Santa Casa de São Paulo, He is member of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics (SBP), PhD in Medical Sciences at UNICAMP and vice president of ABENEPI-PR.

Clay and Luciana Brites are founders of the Institute NeuroSaber (www.neurosaber.com.br). The initiative aims to share knowledge about learning, development and behavior of children and adolescents.

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