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Book "How to Tune Your Business to Success" by Márcio Mitidieri, featured. Disclosure.
Book "How to Tune Your Business to Success" by Márcio Mitidieri, featured. Disclosure.

Book teaches how to undertake using the law of attraction

"How to Tune Your Business to Success", by Márcio Mitidieri, promises to help entrepreneurs through management tools

In an era when everyone is proposing to get to know the universe of entrepreneurship, o consultor e empresário Márcio Mitidieri chama a atenção ao lançar "How to Tune Your Business to Success", business self-help book that aims to help with tips on the law of attraction and management tools in an easy way.

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Always dedicated to study, the entrepreneur usually shares his knowledge through his YouTube channel and has also served more than 5000 companies and farms. However, now, expanded his experiences through the nonfiction book, where readers will learn the techniques that the author uses in his daily life, like the simple use of a spreadsheet.

Márcio Mitidieri é fundador da Agrogenius consulting firm, Genius Academy, a distance learning platform, and in addition is a rural producer, owner of a coffee roaster and among others.

“How to Tune Your Business to Success” goes far beyond a simple book, he is a didactic and explanatory guide, where the author himself tunes at each end of the chapter the main points addressed; including QR Codes that take the reader to YouTube videos.

O livro é um lançamento de março do Editorial Group Coherence e já está com a pré-venda liberada.

Synopsis: Tuning entrepreneurship and positivity is a difficult task, but, according to Márcio Mitidieri, is the secret to the success of big companies. Through real concepts and practical examples, this work is a compendium of tricks to boost business and motivate development in business environments. The result of careful research and the dedication of a tireless professional who spares no effort to strengthen the minds of those who can become the greatest entrepreneurs in the country, provides the reader with information and techniques articulated chapter by chapter. With graphics, references and illustrations, it is possible to explore the techniques that have made a difference for some of the largest companies in the country, showing bold proposals to channel the Law of Attraction and target it to business goals.

Aimed at those who have the necessary focus and boldness to understand that everything they have learned to date can be challenged, this book also has access to two exclusive classes prepared by the author.

About the author: Márcio Mitidieri é bacharel em Administração e pós-graduado em Gestão Empresarial, Institutional Psychopedagogy, School Management and Distance Learning Management. He also has an MBA in Marketing Strategies and is a technician in Accounting, Workplace safety, Environment and Coffee. In a long-lasting career spanning over thirty years, has provided consultancy to more than five thousand clients throughout Brazil. It is certified by ABRACEM, the Brazilian Association of Business Consultants, and was part of the review of the UTZ standard. In the media, has published several articles and has been a speaker at events on sustainability, having participated, yet, of important television programs.

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