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Book "Quarantine portraits" from Silvia Schmidt. Disclosure.
Book "Quarantine pictures" from Silvia Schmidt. Disclosure.

Book shows different perspectives of social isolation

After days of intense isolation, nine writers came together to report creatively, innovative and no less critical, your feelings, pains and losses experienced in the pandemic through harmonic tales that gave rise to the book “Portraits of the quarantine”, by the publishing house Symbol Artesanal.

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With editorial coordination by Silvia Schmidt, also co-author (Round table under the sign of the bestiary), the work includes texts by the writers Ana Mendes (Keywords, coronas and other confined hearts); Alexandra Vieira de Almeida (Dream quarantine); Claudia Manzolillo (Memories of a quarantined life); Eliane di Santi (Forgetfulness); Maya Falks (Closed spaces); Rosalia Milsztajn (Pandemic Days); Sandra Godinho (Report of a survivor); and Teresa Drummond (Turns in the sixties: the art of reinvention).

For Silvia Schmidt, the authors' main objective is to expose to the public the impact of social isolation in real time, the symbolic experience within the context, in addition to the causes and consequences experienced during this period.

– The perfect words to define the collection are: "attitude, efficiency and art ”. And this, because the initial project was developed for an international competition, that demanded a reflective and literary historical writing – comments.

Silvia also comments that the idea of ​​the cover illustration, performed by Alexa Castelblanco, is from a lady sitting in front of her computer, objectively symbolizing the image of our days in virtual mode trying to external contact, participando de inúmeras lives e realizando trabalhos em home office. “Sem deixar de lado, of course, the work that, whether virtual or not, often on the street, and on the front of these sad days – we had as a practice – like or dislike the #ficaremcasa ”.

The preface, almost a new tale, was written by Alexandra Vieira de Almeida, PhD in Comparative Literature at UERJ. The ear, was produced by Maya Falks, writer recognized for her blog Bibliofilia in which she maintains a connection with contemporary names in Brazilian Literature, besides being the author of the book.


Title: Quarantine pictures
Literary genre: tale
Publisher: Craft Symbol
Size: 12,5×22,5
Price: R$ 50,00 + shipping to all of Brazil
Link to buy: @livrariamulherio no direct do Instagram

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