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Alexandra Vieira de Almeida. Photo: Tiberius Drumond.
Alexandra Vieira de Almeida. Photo: Tiberius Drumond.

Book turns poetry into a mosaic of feelings

A mural of layers that overlap each other. This is the feeling that the writer Alexandra Vieira de Almeida intends to convey to the reader through the book “Panel”, which reaches its second edition. The idea is to create, through poetry, a mosaic with varied elements, mixing, on your pages, subjective, the dreamlike and the dense.

According to the author, the work is characterized mainly by the plurality. The writer explains that the title of the book is linked to the representativeness of a mosaic, like a real kaleidoscope, where dream and reality mix. For the consecrated poet Astrid Cabral, Alexandra's poetry “knock out reality”.

On the pages, the carioca poet seeks metaphor as a way of presenting poetic potency with different images dimensioned by the dreamlike. Symbols of the unconscious are polished by art as a way to bring the interior to the exterior. “The inside and the outside combine beautifully in many of the metalinguistic poems that address the making of poetry”, Alexandra comments.

For Marcelo dos Santos, Doctor in Comparative Literature at UERJ, responsible for the ear of “Panel”, a writer “takes the reader to a poetic place, built by his imagistic verses at the moment when invitation and imagination are articulated”.

Book: Panel, Second Edition
Author: Alexandra Vieira de Almeida
Literary genre: Poetry
Publisher: Penalux
Size: 21 cm x 14 cm
Pages: 98
Price: R$ 38,00
Link to buy: www.editorapenalux.com.br/loja/painel

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