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Books, covers. Disclosure.
Books, covers. Disclosure.

Romantic comedy books to read at 2021

From international to national, know the stories that will make you laugh and fall in love

The year has just begun and there is still time to update the reading list, therefore, we have listed five romantic comedy books for you to read later this year. Between national and international authors, the books work with different narratives, but with the potential to make you laugh and fall in love, some are already known to the public and others deserve a great reading opportunity.

457 Miles

Written by Rachel Fernandes, the work won the Sweek Stars 2018 in the Best Book category and was published by Editorial Group Coherence. The story revolves around two rival advertising professionals from Porto Alegre participating in an award in Uruguay. They need to spend hours in the same car going towards the ceremony and many things can happen during that trip.

Ceiling For Two

Released in 2019 in Brazil by the Intrinsic publisher, the work written by Beth O’Leary is an excellent reading option when narrating two recently known people sharing the same apartment through a six-month contract. However, what apparently was working, begins to suffer resistance when some completely different people and the social cycle of the two decide to speak out about the unusual way in which they share the same apartment.

Suite 2121

This is a work also written by Rachel Fernandes. In the story we follow the maid Lorena, surprising herself by taking a peek at the presidential suite of the hotel where she works. Going against the rules of the employee conduct manual, the girl is surprised to find Cicero, an ex-boyfriend, handcuffed to the king size bed in the suite. And as if that weren't all, it's Valentine's Day and they are locked in the same environment.

Sun on Jupiter

Launched by Harlequin, the work tells the story of Sol, a youtuber who has the life of dreams, or not so much. In a catastrophic moment of life, she meets Jupiter and with a balanced heart begins to question about the life she strives to sustain on the internet. During a live broadcast a discovery crumbles the wall that the influencer had built, and in a cute and humorous way she supports herself in the new acquaintance to find strength and turn the corner.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Very well known among young people, teenagers and adults, To All the Boys I've Loved Before is one of the audience's darlings, mainly after the film adaptation available on Netflix. Even though they are very well known, not everyone read the books that make up the trilogy written by Jenny Han. In the story we follow the young Lara Jean having her first experiences after her sister sent letters never shared to her crushs. In February the third film in the franchise will be released on the streaming platform, an excellent opportunity to also give literature a chance.

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