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Luana Fernandes in photo by Beta Irribaren.
Luana Fernandes in photo by Beta Irribaren.

Luana Fernandes at the show Lua de Outubro

Singer is attraction this Saturday (10) in the Musical Ecarta

October Moon is the title of the debut album of the singer and songwriter from Rio Grande do Sul, who, no Ecarta Musical, will be accompanied by Ricardo Cordeiro (violão). Luana Fernandes interprets songs that pass through MPB, pop e soul, among other genres, and evidences in the verses that it composes its link with modernist poetry. The lyrics reflect various moments and all their subjectivity, with the female, the fragmentation, the search for its own identity and for a Brazilian language making itself present.

In the Repertoire of the show, October Moon, of Catullus (Fernandes and Ricardo Cordeiro), woman Africa, Black jacket and Paths, of his own, and the songs Inappropriate and Skin, both in partnership with Ricardo Cordeiro. He had also launched the unprecedented Anchor, that he did in partnership with the musician Chico Ceciliano.

the artist
At the age of 29 years, owner of a striking voice and style, Luana Fernandes has been gaining prominence in the music scene of Porto Alegre, where he has lived for ten years and seeks to affirm himself artistically.

data e local
10 April 2021, 18h

On the Ecarta Foundation and Ecarta Musical pages at Facebook and Instagram and on the channel Youtube.

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