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Luciana Severo


Luciana Severo is a Plastic Artist.

Luciana Severo

Was born in the city of Quixeramobim, State of Ceará. Due to her husband's profession has lived in several Brazilian states. Currently, resides in the city of Manaus, Amazonas.

Since the age of eleven already scribbled the first traces, full of colors and expressions. And with the encouragement of her mother did various courses to enhance her gift.

She graduated in Law in 1997 and parallel to it, continued to give her strokes as secondary activity.

"The professional art career of Luciana Severo began in 2001, when held the exhibition under the title Art without Borders, in the city of Porto Velho-RO, since then, got a taste and never stopped".

Today, make art her profession, her passion… is through the bright and strong colors, that expresses her feelings. Just over 03 (three) years abdicated definitely the Law Career, to devote exclusively to the arts and her Infant Atelier Hands-On, where she teaches children between 05 to 12 years in the city of Manaus, Amazonas.

Has had many solo and group exhibitions and won prizes, plus illustrations and publications in decorating magazines and textbooks.

Her art has been classified as "modern figurative". Has artworks spread over various parts of Brazil and the world.

Her artworks are colorful, rich in poetry, with strong and attractive traces. Bring life, light, color, joy and a lot of energy to a space with intimate decor and neutral colors. Her palette is not restricted to a few tones. Yellow, blues, red, Green, Black and Purple unite in search for the best form of expression or translation of emotions and conflicts common to each of us.

Is the daily life depicted in colors.


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