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Luiz Claudio de Almeida Fernandes

Luiz Cláudio de Almeida Fernandes é Artista Plástico.

Luiz Claudio de Almeida Fernandes is an artist.

Luiz Claudio de Almeida Fernandes

Stage name: Cocoa Fernandes.

Was born in 29/07/1965 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, divorced, currently a resident of Engenho de Dentro.

Former resident of the community of the Firecracker in the Rio Comprido, there lived with his mother and maternal grandmother, Marlene Lancaster, recently deceased.

Among his many accumulated professions, He served as the professional diver activities, taxi driver and merchant. For being a busy soul, began practicing surf and skate, always looking for adrenaline, However I couldn't fill the void in your chest. And continued in search of new activities, also made welding course in Araruama, I came to collaborate with your creative ideas, they arose in his mind increasingly, moreover, Since I was a boy, He was always painting and making things.

Started in the arts on their own, at 17 years, After the encouragement of consecrated, Dear and beloved Samson Pereira Machado at the time, Director of fine arts, you saw him painting with synthetic enamel in the skins of friends and customers in the promenade of Copacabana beach, right in front of where he lived, and presented him with a course in fine arts. For sure, a magnificent course, but unfortunately, cannot complete because, He joined the professional diver's career as a sub inspector and other passions as, filming and underwater photography.

Arte 7.After 10 years in the profession, as shallow diving supervisor, and with the death of their first child, Shahap, with almost two months of life, came to the brink of depression and the void along with the feeling of helplessness mixed loss, the changed profession and residences, even having no experience in the field of trade, just purchased at the Bar his father owned Weathervane, renting a bar in Marica.

With the increasing difficulties, Professional unrest and lack of resources, did the change of profession again. Began working at the restaurant Manoel and Ramit at Engenho de Dentro. With the help of his father, brother and partner of the bar, came the opportunity to help. And in that same period happened to marital separation, and to ease the suffering, He started to paint and do their art at the bar. With the encouragement of his father, Abilio Fernandes, What is merchant, writer of plays and poet, that launched last year the book I said I love you today?, with the partnership of the also poet Angela Charlton, Cocoa Fernandes, was presented to the white plastic artist Passion, author of the cover of the same book, and this like much of his art and encouraged him a lot. Naturally, She knows what it's like to have art in the heart.

Cacao presented the late in life Samson still with one of their arts, He chose among some, his father introduced him. He still remembers the words of Samson when faced with his works.

Recalling the words of Samson:

“- I'm glad your son, haven't wasted talent that has… the Self-taught… Are the best!”

Cocoa Fernandes on the words of Samson, took courage and decided from that moment, follow your destiny!.

And working in Manoel and Ramit in Engenho de Dentro, met someone very special, Rose Vampire, today is your partner. A great supportive of his works.

Cocoa always refers to his art, as your food…

Your job is to bend, melt, cold or hot forging, shaping and energizing, to form, texture, light, making real imaginary, giving life to iron, turning into Art!

– Iron on Fabric.

And also at the junction of applying on the painted canvas or any other material which serve as screen, overlap the iron art, making unique, only, giving a 3D sense, with more depth, angles and a new vision to see and make art!

The Artist, will always be available to submit your Art…!

(Cocoa Fernandes)

Arte 8.

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