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Luiz de Souza - "Art as a way of seeing life", by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Artista Plástico, Colunista de Arte e Poeta.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

1- Where did you born? And what is your academic training?

I was born in Lauro Müller – SC. I made technical courses in accounting and Advertising area at the European Center.

2- How and when you give your first contact with the Arts?

My earliest memories are of sacred images of the church and a book of my older sister who had two photos one at a work of Salvador Dali and other Kandinsky.

3- How did you find this gift?

My mother says that I draw from the 3 years old and 5 or 6 years I was the images of Christmas crib in clay.

Luiz de Souza é Artista Plástico.

Luiz de Souza is Plastic Artist.

4- What are your main influences?

My first influences were from the Renaissance painters, After Vermer and Salvador Dali.

5- What materials do you use in your works?

I do my paintings in oil on linen fabric, and the sculptures I create from my household waste and shortly after I reproduce the aluminum.

6- What is your creative process itself? What inspires you?

My creative process is directly linked my emotions, to my day to day, the political and social facts.

7- When you started effectively to produce or create your works?

I started in 1993 and after advertising designer in 1995 I worked as an illustrator of books for a publisher, but my professional career as an artist began in 1999.

8- Art is an intellectual production exquisite, where emotions are embedded in the context of creation, but in art history, we see that many artists are derived from other, following technical and artistic movements through time, you own any model or influence of any artist? Who would be?

I am a self-taught, My training was through observation in museums, books and art galleries did not have a master in painting or sculpture.

9- What does art mean to you? If you were to summarize in a few words the meaning of Arts in your life…

For me art is a way of seeing life and convey poetic form what is in my head through images.

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10- What techniques do you use to express their ideas, feelings and perceptions about the world? (Whether it is through painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, photography… or uses several techniques in order to make a mix of different art forms).

It is through drawing, painting and sculpture.

11- Every artist has his mentor, that person whom you mirrored that encouraged and inspired you to follow this career you, going ahead and taking your dreams the other expression levels, who this person is and how it introduced you in the art world?

Several people at different times of my life, my parents, my uncle Geraldo who gave me the first paint and brushes, My teachers at school, Jansen my friend who gave me the first collection of books, my master in the art of self Tony Pretty and many other friends, Finally people who support art in all forms.

12- You have another activity beyond art? You teaches classes, lectures etc.?

I give free lectures in schools and colleges, but professionally live painting and sculpture.

13- Its major national and international exhibitions and their awards? (Mention 5 most recent).

  • commemorative exhibition to my 20 year career in Just gallery;
  • Solo exhibition Gallery Mona Lisa - Paris / França;
  • Hall of Independent Artists – Paris / Paris;
  • Miami Art Week – Anjos Art Gallery – Maria dos Anjos Oliveira;
  • Artexpo New York – Marcelo Neves Art Gallery – Marcelo Neves;
  • Hall of the Louvre Carrousel - Paris / France;
  • silver medal at the Hall of Liechtenstein arts.

14- Your plans for the future?

My plans are to make an international career, researching new materials and be open to new partnerships and ideas.

15- In your opinion what is the future of Brazilian art and its artists? (in the general context) and why so many artists are giving preference to show their work in international exhibitions despite high costs?

I think these galleries are not following the changes in the world, They are waiting for the people inside the galleries, forgetting the maxim that the artist has to go where the people are! Art has to be on the streets, in people's homes, on the social networks, otherwise the new generations lose interest.

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