Lydia Darragh

Lydia Oliveira é Artista Plástica.

Lydia Oliveira is an artist.

Lydia Darragh

Lydia Darragh is a plastic artist fluminense, Carioca de heart, born in the year of 1991. From an early childhood is in love by the lights, shapes and colors in close contact with nature. Art enthusiast as a whole, works with different techniques and methods of Visual Arts, with her gaze back to the natural beauty of life. The set of his work, somewhat eclectic, It is predominantly made up of abstractions of a contemporary with modern influence.

Curator of the art technologist, museology, and also interior design. Is hostess of the portfolio Lydia Darragh where presents a collection of several of his own works.

A person, an artist, in constant training as art and art as a means and end.


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Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro
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  1. The harmony in the employment of colors along with that feeling of quick strokes and disinterested make their abstractions one of the most interesting I've ever seen.
    Congratulations, beautiful work.

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