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MAR Show opens on Art and Education by Adriane Constant

MAR Show opens on Art and Education by Adriane Constante

Art Museum of Rio - MAR opens on Tuesday (26), às 10h, the exhibition "There are schools that are caged and there are schools that are wings." Art and Society in Brazil 2. The show features about 180 pieces by artists such as Adriana Varejao, Paulo Bruscky, Nelson Leirner e Ivens Machado, among others, in a transversal approach of the relationship between art and education.

From 26 August, the Art Museum of Rio - MAR presents to the public a transversal approach of the relationship between art and education through 180 pieces - paintings, photographs, facilities, videos, objects and documents - that make up the exhibition "There are schools that are cages and there are schools that are wings. "Art and Society in Brazil 2. Curated by Paulo Herkenhoff and Janaina Melo, the exhibition is divided into four significant nuclei, although dealing with different themes, interact with each other by means of the works exhibited.

The first part, Language, will explore the calligraphy as the art of giving form to signs in an expressive way, harmonious and skillful. The word and the language will be addressed through the work of Daniel Santiago and Paul Bruscky. However, the core Devices deal of the instruments used for educational purposes and also the most diverse types of schools, bringing together a number of artists who appropriate elements of the school environment for the development of his works. Photographs of Augustus Malta retratam the serious and restrained atmosphere of the decade 1930, while the work of Anna Bella Geiger brings education to indigenous tribes. Items like erasers, books, lined sheets and black frame will be represented in sculptures, photographs, objects and installations Leirner, José Damasceno, Ivens Machado, Felipe Barbosa and Priscilla Monge, among others.

In Theories, the discussion will be about the work of the authors (Anisio Teixeira, Paulo Freire and Darcy Ribeiro) think that education and initiatives based on these studies. It is the case of Jonathan de Andrade, that examines the relationship between word and image - literacy method developed by Freire - in "Adult Education". The "Animating education" facility, developed by the English Collective Aberrant Architecture to Architecture Biennale 2012, CIEPs portrays as the great architectural design proposal for a comprehensive and integrated education.

They still part of the core textbooks, Music CDs and educational programs used in MST encampments as the program Landless - Students of settlements. The public may also know the research projects and cultural action of the Big House Foundation, in Olinda, no Ceará, and the mapping of cultural production in the city of Rio de Janeiro, developed by the project participants University of Broken - extension program UFRJ.

The last part, Processes, put forth the non-formal education, showing a new kind of relationship with the school environment and the very idea of ​​teaching. The artist will Jarbas Lopes during exposure immersion in Experimental Gymnasium of Visual Arts (GEA) to offer students and teachers a series of art-related activities and education. The result of this experiment is, over time, added to the show. Already Marilá Dardot will invite the public to create maps in a facility, producing books that become part of the exhibition.

"There are schools that are cages and there are schools that are wings", reference to a quote from writer and educator Rubem Alves, part of the project Art and Society in Brazil, which began with the exposure The jacket and the ground thinking and is dedicated to the performance of Brazilian art in the field of otherness and social relations. The project provides for an annual show for the next two years with the proposal of thinking, among many other things, differences, coexistence, a troca, listening, solidarity, education, the processes of emancipation, civic participation and the production of consciousness.

Asian Art Event:

O.M.A., 2003-2011. Installation. Paulo Meira.

O.M.A., 2003-2011. Installation. Paulo Meira.

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