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Mara Ulhoa is a Visual Artist.

Mara Ulhoa

Born in Paracatu, in the state of Minas Gerais, graduated in Civil Engineering in Belo Horizonte and specialized in Environmental Management, working for several years in this area. Having the design always present in your life and in your personal records, in 1995 joined the course of Visual Arts at the School Guignard.

Professional experience as Engineer reflected on his way to artistically express, his work has a clear concept about the environmental issues and urban.

Working with oil paint and / or acrylic, His works bring strong colors, identifies with artists who portray their time and space, brings to the screen the everyday themes and contrasts with others that sometimes causes awkwardness, making clear that Surrealism is an influence in his works.

Sought to improve its work with renowned artists such as Yara Tupinambá, Miguel Gontijo and Sandra Bianchi. Participated in national and international exhibitions, as well as publications related to art with works of his own.

Blue Macaws

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Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais
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