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Marcelo Delacroix. Photo: Rodrigo Brown.

Marcelo Delacroix new album shows Songwriters Festival in the Fon

Presentation of the day 28 January (Tuesday) will feature cameos

Dando sequência ao II Summer Festival - Project Cantautores, singer-songwriter Marcelo Delacroix se apresenta no Coffee Fon Fon, format voice and guitar, mostrando ao público as músicas de seu novíssimo disco Tresavento e algumas canções dos CDs anteriores.

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In the show's repertoire of the day 28 January (Tuesday), estarão as canções Tresavento – inspirada no conto Tresaventura de João Guimarães Rosa – e History of us, both composed in partnership with Leandro Maia; Milonga Moura e Ponta de estoque (partnerships with Jerome Garden), Folia do Divino (Letter Reuben Penz), Within the Night (with lyrics by Ronald Augusto), Good weather (poem about Tatiana Cruz) and Speechless (with lyrics by Paulo Araújo).

The presentation Tresavento and other songs It will also include the participation of very special guests. O cantor e compositor Mario Falcon subirá ao palco para cantar uma parceria dos dois, unpublished, entitled We need to talk.

Already Madalena Rasslan é cantora da nova geração, apresentou o show Forndubs, e vem se destacando no cenário da música por seu lindo canto e por ter o que dizer. Madalena escolheu a canção Minuet (Marcelo Delacroix/Gustavo Finkler) como peça de canto na prova de ingresso na faculdade de Música. E é esse tema que ela vai apresentar ao público no Fon Fon.

Your mother, pianist and singer simone Rasslan, hitches a ride in her daughter's participation and also sings with Delacroix, to remember the more than 30 years of friendship, desde os tempos de colegas no Instituto de Artes da Ufrgs e do grupo de música instrumental Puzzle, among many other works of the two artists together.

Marcelo Delacroix – Show TRESAVENTO and other songs
II Summer Festival - Cantautores Project Café FON FON
Date: 28 January (28/1), Tuesday, from the 9:00 pm
Local: Coffee Fon Fon (Vieira de Castro, 22 - Porto Alegre / RS)
information and Bookings by phone: (51) 99880-7689
Entrance: R$ 30,00
Show + CD: 50,00
(CD in Catharsis supporters can get their rewards on the spot and get a discount for the show: the ticket goes for $ 20,00)
– O disk Tresavento will go on sale in the presentation by R $ 30,00


Marcelo Delacroix:

Composer, singer and producer, Delacroix began his studies at the School of Music Symphony Orchestra of Porto Alegre (Ospa) and graduated in Music at the Arts Institute of UFRGS. He already has four albums recorded copyright: Puzzle (instrumental group, 1994); Marcelo Delacroix (2000); After Ray (2006) and Cross songs (in partnership with the Uruguayan Dany Lopez – 2013), which was awarded with. Has just released his new solo album, Tresavento (2019 – check plug technique below).

The musician has also composed several tracks for theater productions, dance, television and film. It is also a music educator, teaching courses and music education workshops for children and adults.


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