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Marcelo Vitiello


Marcelo Vitiello is a Visual Artist.

Marcelo Costa Vitiello

Born in Macae in the year 1968, is self-taught painter. Initially started in the drawing and 1988 started to experiment the oil painting. Set up in ink acrylic and watercolor from 1990.

  • Exhibition in March of 1993 the Gallery Hindemburgo Olivein in the Center of Culture of Macaé.
  • Exhibition in 2004 at the Convention Center of Macaé.

He returned to painting in 2008, with urban themes of Macaé. (Acrylic and Oil on canvas). His themes are his everyday, of communities in Macaé.

Participates as a volunteer in the Neighborhood Association of Morro de Santana, where does a job of photos and paintings of the community. His paintings portray a current Macaé streets and communities forgotten by the "normal" look of public. Look for what is not seen. Conducts exhibitions in schools and communities of Macaé-RJ.

  • In 13 March 2012, participated in the VII Salão de Verão da Galeria Mali Villas Bôas in São Paulo, which took 1st place overall.
  • 07 on May to 07 of July 2012 - Exhibition at UTE - North Fluninense. (Macaé - RJ).
  • Participated in the colective selection of the Associação Cultural Salon D’automne França-Brasil, in partnership with the Institute Victor Brecheret and support of the Alliance Française of São Paulo, where qualified with the canvas "Platform V - 2012". 09 of May 2013 to 26 of May 2013.
  • Solo exhibition at the Solar of Mellos in 18 th July 2013. (illustration for the book "Relatos e Personagens da História de Macaé”).

Johann no bar de Dona Marli.Constructive tensions: electric art of Marcelo Vitiello

The painting of Marcelo Vitiello bears the marks of the true creative artist: the drawing is firm and perky; each composition has a constructive sense, with full awareness of space and the laws of perspective; colors transcend realism to create subjective atmospheres, of high-voltage poetic; and his thematics, all linked to the city of Macaé, are echoes of the artist's sense to a specific urban territory, with its beauties and their local social dramas. Through the strength of regional, the artist reaches the level of universality, since, by the magic of art, an urban setting specific (Macaé) invites the viewer to reflect on human life in any city on the planet.

The beauties of Macaé are evoked in historic houses of the city center. The landscape that shows the Morro do Frade in the horizon line, contrasting with flowers in the foreground. In impressive lyricism from Praia dos Cavaleiros. In the bucolic Centennial Mercado de Peixes flanked by fishing boats. And int the magic expressionist of Ponte da Barra at night view. Are visions of someone who knows and experiences intensely the city where lives.

Social dramas erupt in the fusca abandoned amid the garbage on the seafront. Paradoxically are present in the absence of the human figure on most canvas, void that implies a scenario of melancholy loneliness. The drama is also visible in the tangles of wires that show so-called cats, who denounce the need that have poor people of shirk electrical energy in the slums. Some canvas are named, including, Tension on the hill. Not by chance. These canvas are like night watchmen on the prowl for a revolt latent (who, activate, we know, usually blow in the form of violence and crime…). And so the painter dispenses resources propagandistic art and chooses a path
Marcelo_Vitiello_Estacao_da_Luz_2013 more subtle, the social critique made through intelligent optical poems.

Electrical energy is a recurring character in the paintings of Vitiello. It may appear a simple lamp from a streetlight, in their vibrations and their chromatic explosions of vangoghianos yellows. May be a simple traffic signal, time to stop and reflect in traffic always giddy big city. Or may be a pole of electricity transmission in front of a wall, object that, to evoke the power of connecting networks, evoke other connective networks, social networks, the underground sufferings, the silences that speak…

Marcelo Vitiello, young painter of Macaé, already produces mature art and aesthetically pleasing. But it is also very thorny in the social consciousness of those who have eyes really open.

Mário Margutti - Art Critical
February 2013

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Macaé – Rio de Janeiro
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E-mail: cellovitiello@yahoo.com.br



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