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Maria João Rodrigues

Artwork by Maria João Rodrigues

Maria João Rodrigues is a Visual Artist.

Maria João Rodrigues

Since childhood I love creating and everything that relates to art. It was always my dream to devote myself by body and soul to art what I do at the moment, I study various currents and thoughts, internalize styles and finally created my way in this world so bright and fantastic.

After initiating an in-depth study of the "Eco-Painting-Action", current created by Luis Fernando Graça, artistic side of "abstract expressionism" and the painting-action used by Jackson Pollock American artist of the year 50, I tried to understand what would have led him to employ this technique.

With empty mind, I went into this current which led me to interact in a unique way, with inks, combination of colors and canvas in a constant liberation of movements, making almost a flight around the canvas, and taking advantage of obsolete materials, releasing the feelings of the height to the canvas, a constant ballet until feel that the message was passed to the canvas and finished.

Maria João Rodrigues paints for several years as a form of artistic creation and pictorial evolution, the exhibitions and her public exposure and her work, was never a concern. After in-depth study of “Painting Action”, Maria João Rodrigues decided to show the world what she learned, the techniques, the forms and rules of this pictorial current. Student of Jackson Pollock, quickly understood the complexity of “painting action” and the originality of the Eco-Painting-Action”.

It is not known how long, but for now, Maria João Rodrigues will delight us with her artworks of abstract expressionism.

Artwork by Maria João Rodrigues

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Lisboa Portugal
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