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Maria Lícia Bonin Simoneti – The harmony of colors by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.


Appointment as a delegate for the region of Limeira-Sp (primary mission of adding artists from the different branches of the arts and letters CONBLA).

Commandery named Lion of Judah/medal in the degree of Commander (Decree 57.485 from 03 th November of 2011). Orgaran.

Ambassador of peace by organizing Inst.. Teoc. The Crown of the arameans and orgaran auranitas.

Profile 2 Maria Lícia Bonin Simoneti

Maria Lícia Bonin Simoneti is a Visual Artist.

Lycia Simonetti, artistic pseudonym of Maria Lycia Bonin Simonetti, born in Limeira, SP in 1962. Granddaughter of Neapolitan painter Antonio Panaro that since 1919 used the technique of fresco painting several churches in Brazil, since the age of eight he became interested in plastic arts..

Autodidact (self taught), the artist has been developing various painting techniques, inspired by the great masters. Participated in workshop with renowned painters as Ludmila Ahmad, Douglas Franschetti, Rubenza, Demétrius Nunes and Rocco Caputo. ·.

At the same time the artist produces varied handicrafts, making painting on fabrics, in Woods, patch work wall panel, Baroque plaster, patina and marbling on walls. Among other techniques. ·.

During 27 years he dedicated himself to fundamental education being teacher for 12 years and 15 years as Director. Since his adolescence he has tried to transmit all his knowledge for the sake of art and its students..

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Performed studies of art history in major Museums of Europe, participated in solo exhibitions in France, in Portugal and in Italy. She was selected to participate in the International Biennial of art of Florence (2011) and the International Biennial of art of Rome (2012). Silver medal in Dubai – United Arab Emirates (2011). Silver Medal Metropolitan Museum Buenos Aires (2011), Bronze medal in Santiago de Chile (2011). Exhibition in New York Ward-Nasse Gallery (2011) XVI International Circuit of Brazilian art, Brazil's House/Cultural Center in Madrid Spain, in são Domingos Convent Museum, in Montemor-o-novo/Portugal, Austria/Vienna Lateinamérika Institut – LAI, Museu Inimá de Paula Belo Horizonte/Brazil representing the State of São Paulo and the municipality of Limeira. (2011) XVII International Circuit of Brazilian Art, Brazilian Cultural events Centre Hungary/Budapest, Gallery 91 The Netherlands/The Hague, Atelier 2005 Netherlands/Amsterdam, Brazil/Museum Cesumar Maringá Paraná (2011), Order of merit of the fine arts – Prêmio Master by the relevant services the arts and national culture. (2011)

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Has works in several private collections abroad, in Brazil and in the Parliament's Art Museum of São Paulo. Book Brazil/Italy (2012), and in the Cultural Museum of CRC do Estado de São Paulo (2014), Biennial of contemporary art of the Mediterranean (2013), Inauguration of the Lycian B Arts Gallery. Simoneti (2014), Circolo Italiano – San Paolo and Historic heritage Recovery Institute in the State of São Paulo (2014).

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