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Maria Theresa Da Paiva

Maria Tereza Da Poian é Artista Plástica.

Maria Tereza From Poian is Artist.

Maria Theresa Da Paiva

Born in the city of Porto Alegre. He lived for more than 15 years in Rio de Janeiro and there is 1 year live in São Paulo. Since the 7 years of age was colorful and expressive drawings and in 2nd grade was nominated by teachers to make the cards that the College used to honor the staff and teachers at holidays and birthdays.

Daughter of father and sculptress mother jeweler and with artistic skills had the incentive of the mother to make some enhancement courses.

An engineer by training and artist by vocation. That's how you define. Graduated in civil engineering from PUC RS in 1994 and a master's degree at PUC-RJ (1997) for a term of art to engage in the profession.

Resumed activities related to art in 2014. Today, makes art, your therapy and is where registers through free works the feeling and inspiration that are reflected at the time of each creation. Among his designs are: the inauguration, coming soon, the store "Abstract and contemporary art deluxe store" and the negotiation with two virtual art galleries of London to expose their works.

This mix of technological and exact personality (from the engineering) and artistic and creative, resulted in an irreverent and playful work. Uses strong colors and seeks to harmonize the combinations of colors, often not respecting symmetries.

All the works have your profile, stripped and modern and sophisticated with a footprint or pop. Follow the contemporary and abstract art line.

The works are also inspired in trips that usually do to various places in the world.

At the time of each establishment, searches include the memory of unique moments that have the opportunity to enjoy the places you visit and lets registered in the works a little piece of each place…

Obra Orgasm.

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