Matheus Rocha

Matheus Rocha é Artista Plástico.

Matheus Rocha is an artist.

Matheus Rocha

I've always loved to draw since small. That must have been for my early interest in movies, animations, series that touch and moldassem perspectives on the character of human feeling and how the same experience certain situations.

So how to draw was as a representation of how I felt about everything that I watched. Over the years in my teens I had a series of psychological changes and perspectives on life well above what a normal teenager.

After the end of the high school went through a troubled period, After improving those problems appeared greater in my life spontaneously. From one day to the next my vision was all fuzzy, I went through a series of doctors as much as oftalmos and neurological was found that had a syndrome called visual snow or better known internationally as “Visual snow” and that during this period of development of medicine there was no cure.

This made me very without perspective, and to fill that void and give perspective to my life appeared greater apprehension for the arts, especially the branch of sculpture development. From then on I started to develop sculptures based on pocket watches parts steampunk branch, What made me create a great affection for their time and their dimensional units.

With that I ended up creating a new technique with the use of strings and wires to make skeletons and volumes in order to represent psychological themes as storms. So some of my works emerged as the bird loose however arrested and the portrait of the real fake man.

With that I adopted my stage name Arrosé Du Monde that the idea through a translation that would represent this hallmark moment and how I felt about this syndrome, that was chuviscado world in French appearing Arrosé Du Monde.

My dream is to be able to help others with the same problem in the funding of medical research in this area, but to do that I have to go through many obstacles and use what I can do best in my life, Arts.

O pássaro solto porém preso.

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