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Nini Policapelli. Photo: Disclosure.

Memorial Curitiba receives unprecedented show of paintings Nini Policappelli

In celebration of the anniversary of the city, the Curitiba Cultural Foundation opens next Tuesday (27/03) at 19h, the show "Policappelli Presents", exhibiting Italian paintings based in Curitiba, Nina Policappelli. The exhibition occupies the Memorial Hall Paranaguá Curitiba and will present 40 works from the personal collection of the artist.

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The honor of the city was received by the mayor Rafael Greca with great animation, that infected by the works of the artist, said the first meeting with Nini: "Margarita and I met one night in his Villa Curitiba, and was Alumbramento. We saw that it was like we, made of the same stuff of dreams. Now we share with the beloved Curitiba ", said the mayor.

This is the first time that exposes Policappelli in Brazil, even living for more than a decade in the capital of Paraná. Designer, painter, sculptor, graphic designer and fashion, architect, Scientist and inventor, He describes his creativity as "mental art". His fascination with the shape and color, substance and dimension is the essence of his art.

"People look at a part of my work and do not usually accept everything at once. In each view, they see a greater meaning, reflected in motion, focus and color”, comments on his works.

The life of Policappelli is reflected in the lines and colors that it creates, and there is an intense and pervasive energy that surrounds. "Simplicity is crucial, help me to understand today and take advantage with the progress of the future”, says.

The plurality of their production and the diversity of their professional interests led him to research the different materials and techniques, included in its production Art. In his later works uses aluminum, stainless steel, silk, who have undergone special treatment in order to receive the layers of paint, that are not carried out with brush.

The exhibition is on until Memorial Day 27 de Mayo. Visitation is open from Tuesday to Friday, the 9:0 to 12:0 and 1:0 pm to 6:0 pm; on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 12:00 to 6:00 pm.

Nini Policapelli

Italian de Triggiano, da Puglia province, Nini Curitiba chose to live in the past 10 years and stay close to his only son. Designer since childhood, After basic training in his homeland, a teenager he studied with Giovanni Rossani, whom he considers a great educator, and he started in the art of oil painting.

Back to United States, after nine years traveling the world in search of adventure, He settled in Los Angeles, California, where she worked with architectural drawing and design. as an architect, are many celebrity homes projects signed by him. There too he created his own marketing art gallery, himself, his works. "Your life experience, close observation of the world around you, did not let him settle. He is not only an artist, He is a man of the world - a feeling much wider ", says the curator of the show, Fernando Bini.

In your home, designed by himself, frames, sculptures and objects spread by wide spaces, most of his own. At the age of 73 years, continues to produce his works illustrating homes and galleries from various countries.

Service - Exhibition "features Policappelli"
Opening: Tuesday, 27 March, at 19h
Exhibition period: from 27 of the March 27 de Mayo
Visiting hours: from Tuesday to Friday, from 9 am to 12h and 13h to 18h and Saturday, Sunday and holiday, from 9:00 to 3:00 pm

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