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Monuments in the square Despiche 19 December, removal. Photo: Disclosure.

Monuments in the square of 19 of December have new despiche action

The preservation of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba had to again perform one more despiche action in the Heritage Square 19 December. This time, the cleaning was performed in the obelisk and the three-sided Panel columns. The cleaning took place last week, on 26, After tagged the day dawn square 25.

Removing the graffiti took 2 hours. According to Coordinator of preservation and conservation of collections, Claudia Arioli, washing was done with product application Deletes and then the ink was eliminated with the use of spray bottle with water. The product is provided by the OVD, trademark holder VONDER, the special line of cleaning and Waterproofing of VONDER. Claudia evaluates it was easy removal of graffiti due to complete sealing performed at the end of August. "We can consider that the work has been performed to the satisfaction and the sealing was a differential in the project", analyzes. However, the Coordinator highlights the need for the population to value and take care of public goods. "It is important that the population value equity and help to preserve it", the firm. Nesse sentido ela destaca o trabalho de visitas mediadas realizadas pelo Núcleo de Ação Educativa da FCC, "the scripts of the educative action aims to promote the heritage education to address the importance of cultural assets and a reflection on your preservation", concludes. The removal of graffiti on monuments of 19 December Square is an action of Curitiba City Hall in partnership with the Associação Comercial do Paraná, that triggered supporting companies for the supply of equipment and cleaning supplies of monuments.

The first job of removing graffiti in the works and artistic square panels 19 December started the day 12 August and was terminated the day 30 the same month with Panel sealing (face of granite from Erbo Stenzel).

Campaign-cleaning of the square is part of the campaign "Graffiti is a crime. Report ", that is being taken up by the Commercial Association of Paraná with support from the Municipal Guard, Military police and other segments of society organized.

Check out video with graffiti removal detail:

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