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Work of Regina Parra: Needs to Continue exposed at the 8th Art Show 3M. Photo: André Velozo.

Art shows 3M opens tender to choose the artists of the 9th edition

registrations, that take place over four weeks, They can be made on behalf of individuals above 18 years or artistic collectives

São Paulo, May 2019 – In order to democratize access to art, boost domestic artistic production and generate relevant reflections on contemporary issues, to 9ª 3M Art Show opens tender for artists from all over the country to participate, including foreigners living in Brazil for more than two years and Brazilians living in another country. registrations, that can be made by site www.mostra3mdearte.com.br, start today, day 30 de Mayo. five artists They will be selected.

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Under the theme "Manifestos other possible worlds", who signs the curator this year is the artist Daniel Lima, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master in Psychology and PhD in Media and Audiovisual Process from the University of São Paulo. Since 2001, he creates actions investigations in research related to media, racial issues, collective resistance, This colonial and geopolitical analysis.

The concept defined by Daniel Lima discusses aesthetics and stock proposal for better world possible, that accepts and embraces the differences, whatever they may be. This manifesto builds new perspectives stocks and leads to reflection. "The project encourages artists to think the relationship with the surrounding space in its historical and social. It valued the inclusion and participation of residents, traders and users of space Largo da Batata and also connections to other regions of Brazil, in the search for geopolitical diagrams of the various dimensions of Brazil ", says Daniel Lima. The idea is to give voice and admire people who encourage and have a group statement of struggle that are minorizados, in addition to proposing the occupation of public space.

Artists interested in participating need to submit projects that are connected with this theme, not only in content, but also in format. Being an unpublished work, that dialogue with the general public, to resist climatic factors and human interventions are some of the evaluation criteria. Each selected artist will receive one cache of R $ 5.000,00 and the amount of R $ 30.000,00 as a production budget, including transportation, installation and uninstallation of the work.

Upon registration is necessary to send a brief biography of(to) competitor, portfolio of 20 other project images, proposed project and its realization of the project up to 15 (fifteen) images showing schedule, detailed budget for the production, assembly and disassembly of the proposal, and other costs that may be necessary.

All selected should consider factors such as the location of the show, duration of exposure and public access, in addition to monitoring of full-time work installation. For selected who do not live in São Paulo will be hosting and transport paid by the company responsible.

"We decided to change the format of this edition for artists, at different career stages, can be part of this show which, one of the main objectives, It is the democratization of art and facilitating access. We want to show that interventions dialogue with the city in a broad and timeless concept, mainly, under a theme that is increasingly necessary in our society, "says Fernanda Del Guerra, director of Elo 3, founder and organizer of the event.

For 3M, which sponsors the project since its first edition, "For the 3M, which sponsors the project since its first edition, the theme "Think of new possible worlds, It has huge connection to creativity, about relationships, tolerance and collaboration, and the power of innovation to change the world, pillars that are part of the essence of 3M. We were very happy to support the realization of this show again, fostering a culture, in democratic local, as is the Largo da Batata ", Full Luiz Eduardo Serafim, Head of Marketing at 3M Brazil.

The 9th Shows Art 3M happens, for free, in October this year and will occupy, the third consecutive year, Largo da Batata. Located in the west of capital, It belongs to a revitalized area that integrates the efforts of civil society to transform the city into a living space and occupation by the population. With daily circulation of approximately 150 thousand people, space, that receives the show became a public symbol of resistance housing occupations, political demonstrations, Carnival blocks and leisure activities and São Paulo everyday entertainment of all ages and social classes.

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There are 15 years doing cultural productions engaged in democratization of access to art, the Elo3 alia private initiative to accomplish his purpose and extend your reach. Always with the collaboration of great artists and professionals and the support of companies that share the same values, the society offers Elo3 doubters projects, innovators and transformers, Shows like Art 3M.

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