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Shows Rio Face 2018, José Olimpio. Photo: Disclosure.

Shows Rio Face 2018 celebrates eleven editions gathering 90 artists

It all started in 2003, When 25 artists met for the first time at the show Rio Face, in the gallery Matias Marcier, in Gávea. Now, in its 11th edition, the curator Marcelo Frazão records the passage of 323 artists for the collective, with 743 work carried out for the event over the years.

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Revealing talents and following the trajectories, after four summers, the shows Rio Face It is back at the Post Office Cultural Center, with the opening day 28 February, Fourth, at 19h. Free entry!

Rio Face 2018 will bring together some of the various plastic tribes around the city, dialogue with the public and presenting several technical and aesthetic possibilities.

Through the works of 90 artists like Paulo Villela, Denise Araripe, Edineusa Bezerril, Luiz Behring, Marcelo Frazão, Marina Vergara, Umberto France, As long Paltinik, Newton Lesme, Clare Caulfield, Diana Doctorovich, Fabio Borges, and young Clara Miller(only 16 years), among other names.

A plastic environment of ample freedom, the public will be able to enjoy paintings, photographs, monumental sculptures, facilities, pottery, including the occupation of the external area, between the building of the Post Office Cultural Center and the Casa Franca Brazil, with a work of sculptor Rio Marina Vergara.

The 90 papers presented at the conference Rio Face 2018 translate in your metalinguistic vision heart of a city seen through itself, multifarious approaches containing, through which the artists that make up the show express criticism, statements, complaints, or neglect, from a sharp look by nature.

With a hopeful look, the curator of the exhibition, the recorder and teacher Marcelo Frazão, said some of the exhibition's goals: "Try to rescue the self-esteem of Rio, which for years has been wearing, remembering that the Rio de Janeiro reflects the aura of the country ".

Exhibition: Rio Face 2018
Local: Cultural Center Post
Period: 1Th of March to 22 April
Visitation: Tuesday to Sunday, 12h to 19h.
Address: Rua Visconde Itaboraí, 20 - Center – Tel: (21)2253-2580
Free entry!


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