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Works show "Why Not?"The Ward Nasse Gallery - USA by Rosangela Vig

Rosângela Vig é Artista Plástica e Professora de História da Arte.

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

By making the painter, my look, on the body
From heart, copied your beauty.
My body frames the frame, revealing
The highest workmanship in painting.
By painter, see the fine instinct
That there was willing your faithful portrait, and grace
That, pending and silent, it prints the enclosure
Windows having her look by window.
(SHAKESPEARE, 2006, p.50)

And if art could express themselves in delicate spaces, like small windows are opened to the shapes and colors? And if art from around the world fits in delicate proportions, on small screens, with their meanings grand? Perhaps it would be in these spaces that the artist's creativity would flow and divagaria. For the target paper, eager to receive these worlds of the workman, would flow also our imagination.

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To the artist, it is as if the card eternizasse a walk that made their universes. To the viewer, You can also wander and explore these intrinsic worlds. With this order, Ward Nasse Gallery is holding the exhibition "Why Not?”.

This unique show will be a rare opportunity to enjoy good art, in small formats. The works, styles and different techniques, They can be enjoyed by means of figurative art, the abstract and the various ways in which artists perceive things around them and express each in its own way. The print works inside the soul of the one who created, leaving the show their most intimate emotions and thoughts. More than an Exhibition of International Art, the exhibition brings together artists from various countries, encouraging, especially the communication between them, celebrating the differences and decreasing the distances.

The show has impeccable curated by Leda Maria, North-American artist, born in Brazil, graduated in Art History, by Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado; in Fine Arts, the Integrated Faculties Teresa of Avila; in Art History from the School Lorenzo Di Medici, Italy; engraving and sculpture by the Art Student League, in New York; and Painting, pela Studio School of Drawing, de Nova York. With publications in various journals, newspapers, catalogs and art books in Brazil, in Europe, Asia and the United States, Leda received awards for his work and is currently artist, Art History teacher, ceramics and sculpture.

His knowledge was crucial for the success of the shows that will be in the gallery 18 September 2018 to 18 October 2018. The opening ceremony, day 22, It gave official start to the exhibition that brings together countries, through its artists. Among them:

Alan Mahood, United States,
Beth Parin, United States,
Elaine Mendez, United States,
Florence Thibaut, France,
June Edwards, United States,
Gary Jurysta, United States,
George cripples, United States,
Leda Maria, United States,
Leticia Rosa, Brasil,
L.O. Albuquerque, Brasil,
Mariah Campolina, Brasil,
Rebecca Jennes, United States,
Richard Weiner, United States,
Rosângela Vig, Brasil,
Roselena Campos, Brasil,
Scott Parker, United States,
Silvia Vale, Portugal,
Stefan Aurelius, United Kingdom,
Solange Palatnik, Brasil.

And the smooth surface of blank paper is just an excuse for the journey of the creative mind. Maybe it's delicious travel through these worlds he lives in the artificer. The gallery invites the eye to this trip, gathering languages ​​and places promoting a positive impact on public Enjoying Art. Why not?

Local: Ward-Nasse Gallery 35 Main Street, SUSSEX, NJ, United States 07461-2306 Phone: 973 875-1987



SHAKESPARE, William. sonnets. São Paulo: Martin Claret, 2006.


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