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Paulista Instrumental Show, 1th edition. Disclosure.
Paulista Instrumental Show, 1th edition. Disclosure.

Photo show of musical performances

Online and free

Paulo Rapoport, André Chuí, Jean Carvalho Cruz and James Cardinal

Days 12 to 25 April, with shows from 20 to 25 April

Online exhibition access www.mostrainstrumentalpaulista.com

A Paulista Instrumental Show open in day 12 April with one photographic exhibition of four of the most recognized names in photography focused on music shows, follows until 25 April. From day 20 April shows in different formations, soil, duos, trios, foursome, quintets, the artists present their own compositions in a panorama of the São Paulo instrumental music scene. The transmissions will be through the channel of YouTube of Mostra Instrumental Paulista. Interviews with artists will precede musical performances, led by multi-instrumentalist Thiago Espirito Santo.

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We invite 4 photographers covering live shows to expose their instrumentalists' clicks and their instruments, in various situations, live, in the studio and in their homes, in seclusion, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Each photographer made a selection of photos from his collection and also tells us a little about the images and their characters, in photo captions. The invited photographers are Paulo Rapoport, André Chuí, Jean Carvalho Cruz and Tiago Cardinal.


André Chuí

“Photographer and a lot of other things: administrator and sociologist, advertising branding consultant; professional and career advisor in construction, and finally, but no less important, double bass player. ” André has a special series of photographs dedicated only to live music and, during the quarantine period, have been developing the BioMus project, photographing remotely, reclusive musicians in their homes.

Paulo Rapoport

Sociologist graduated from USP, musician and photographer.

Due to his long activity as a musician this is the first subject present in his photographic work. “I believe that photography ended up being the synthesis of my interests and the need for expression, becoming my main activity in recent years. ”

Jean Carvalho Cruz

I started to become interested in photography in the middle of 1996. Working at record store, I bought my first camera and started taking it to the shows I was going to watch. In 2001 I attended the Pan American School of Arts, in order to learn more about this form of expression that I loved so much !

In the music universe I also worked in record label and show production, always “clicking without commitment”, until the end of 2008 when Samuca was born, and I decided to take up photography professionally. When I realized, the paths I had taken put me in front of the stages, with a camera in his hand and a smile on his face, because finally my two passions came together as a way of life, photography and music!

James Cardinal

“An image makes an impact! I like to look at everything from a different angle. I try to transmit messages, emotions and surprises through the photographs. ” Has participated in exhibitions at MIS in São Paulo, Pinacoteca de Santos, Santos Municipal Theater among others.

Executive Production

Giselle ventura, music producer and businesswoman for over 20 years, is responsible for the career management of artist Thiago Espirito Santo and for the creation and curation of projects and special shows, in addition to tours by national and international artists.


YouTube: Youtube.com/MostraInstrumentalPaulista

WebSite www.mostrainstrumentalpaulista.com


12 to 25 April 2021

12/4 to 25/04 - photo show on social networks

20/04 to 25/04 - shows at 19h and 20h
Parental guidance – General public of all ages

20/04 - Tuesday
20hs – André Mehmari
21hs – Alexandre Ribeiro invites Alessandro Penezzi

21/04 - Wednesday
20hs – Edu Ribeiro Trio
21hs – Arismar do Espirito Santo

22/04 -Thursday
20hs – Jota P. Quintet
21hs – Michael Pipoquinha invites Sandro Haick

23/04 -Friday
20hs – Panorama of Contemporary Choro Paulistano
21hs – Toninho Ferragutti

24/04 – Saturday
20hs – André Marques Trio
21hs – Unknown Project

25/04 – Sunday
20hs – Fábio Peron Trio
21hs – Amilton Godoy

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