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Solo Exhibition “Essence of my soul” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti, plastic artist, will be exhibiting their works in her first solo exhibition "Essence of my soul". It happens in the traditional and charming restaurant and pizzeria "Piola-Gardens", located on Alameda Lorena 1765, in São Paulo, between days 06 to 19 July, with opening day 06 July, from 20:00 Mrs 22:00 hrs.

Organization and curation: Edmundo Cavalcanti and Anna Anapana.

The Artist

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Artista Plástico, Colunista de Arte e Poeta.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

Edmundo Cavalcanti was born in São Paulo / SP, is administrator retired companies and self-taught. Began to draw and paint in Feb. from 2012, though, even as a child, This gift has already expressed. only there 3 years really awakened to the art, drawing with pencil graphite initially, then with watercolor pencil, when he discovered the dry pastels and oil. In some works his technique is mixed, using the three materials. Nowadays, with the encouragement of some masters of fine arts, desenvolve a pintura óleo. Also writes poetry when you have inspiration, now with the work, talking about what it represents, ora on various topics. By the time Edmundo does not have a defined style, nor any great influence, paints I find beautiful, or simply let the work flow itself. He is also a poet and columnist (for) arts disclosing artists and art events.



Participated as special guest in 14 collective exhibitions in Brazil and one in particular in Lisbon, Portugal.

Latest participations in exhibitions:

  • Group exhibition "Iª Itapetininga Art Show" – Venancio Aires club "Itapetininga / SP - Art Inart – November / 2014
  • Group exhibition "Dialogue" – Gallery Dimension / Angels Art Gallery – Lisbon, Portugal – November / 2014
  • Group exhibition "Art 117 Paintings and collages " – The House look Luiz Sacilotto – Santo Andre / SP – November / 2014
  • Group exhibition "Focus on Art" Novotel Jaragua” – Abrasci – December 2014
  • Group exhibition "Congratulations São Paulo" Casa de Portugal – Abrasci – Anjos Art Gallery – January 2015
  • Group exhibition "Tides and colors" -Gallery Art No. 1 - Buzios / Rio de Janeiro – Angela de Oliveira In Art – February 2015
  • Collective exhibition “Art Week 22 " – Gallery PontoArt – SP / SP - March 2015
  • Group exhibition "Convergence" – Restaurant "Piola Gardens" in April 2015 – Art Inart

Facebook: Edmundo Cavalcanti

Fan Page: The Art of Edmundo Cavalcanti





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