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Shows “Shockwaves” by Sandra Huang in Piola Gardens

Mostra “INQUIETAÇÕES” por Sandra Huang na Piola Jardins. Divulgação.

Shows "concerns" by Sandra Huang in Piola Gardens. Disclosure.

Paulista, 52, Sandra Huang is an unconventional artist. It is easy to conclude that, because his work, guided by issues related to his life story, denotes a poetic touching while his entrepreneurial and more rational vein think about the applicability of their work.

The techniques that the artist performs as a stylist, illustrator, designer prints and printmaker allow, perform clean work, objectives, Colored and message can be read without having to know its history. The few traits and how composes speak for themselves.

concerns It is the word that best describes your profile and exposure, with extracted content from different series concluded in its collection, products with application of their art and, although intangible, with an atmosphere full of creativity.

Paco de Assis

Exhibition "Shockwaves"By Sandra Huang
Date: 19 of the February 4 March 2018
Local: Piola Jardins
Address: Alameda Lorena, 1765, Jardins - Sao Paulo (SP)
Curated By: Paco de Assis
Art Link
Website: sandrahuang.net
Facebook: facebook.com/sandra.huang.1297
Instagram: instagram.com/senhorita.sandra
E-mail: sandrahuang.artist@gmail.com
Support: Piola logomarca. www.piola.com.br


Advertising: Banner Luiz Carlos de Andrade Lima


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