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Shows Traces Curitibanos - Luiz Antonio Weld. Disclosure.
Shows Traces Curitibanos - Luiz Antonio Weld. Disclosure.

Exhibition assembles works of 120 illustrators curitibanos

The production of the last two years 120 comics and animation professionals, illustrators and caricaturists of the city is reunited in the second edition of the show Traces Curitibanos, that will open next Friday (30), at 19h, in the Municipal Museum of art (Muma). All are active artists in Curitiba and cultural market, through this exposure, reveal the quality of the work and the extensive production of Curitiba in this area.

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"The exhibition does not follow a linearity of styles, techniques or themes, but searches show the generation of illustrators in our current market ", says the Coordinator of Gibiteca de Curitiba and curator of the project, Fulvius Pacheco. Exhibitors Act in literature, textbooks, newspapers, journals, scientific, advertising, design, Games, fantasy and concept art. "Activity to illustrate covers various forms of art in your poetic", explains Fulvio.

The show is the first step of the project Traces Curitibanos 2, It has a series of events planned by October, When will be celebrated the birthday of 35 years of gastronomic events. Two more exhibitions are scheduled. In August, another shows will draw a chronological panorama of comics of Curitiba through his characters, starting with Chico Smoke (from 1926), Alceu Chichorro, and through the most famous comic characters and that also make birthday: 30 Marcozinho's birthday, 25 Curitibinha's birthday, 20 years of Rook and 10 years of the blonde Phantom. In October will be mounted one more exhibition, This time telling the story of Gibiteca.

The project also has an extensive programming with linked events, as debates, lectures, workshops, releases, tournaments, contests and other activities offered by major events like the biennial Curitiba nerds of Comics, the Shinobi Spirit, Jedicon, Trekcon, Literatiba, Evilso, Jogarta, Megacon and Mondo Festival Estronho.

Check out the list of participants of the exhibition "traces Curitibanos" that opens this Friday, at MuMA:

Comics: Adriano Loyola, André Ducci, André Stahlschimidt, André Caliman, Anthony Eder, Amanda Barros, Tiago, Ariel Cunha, Cecilia Fumanelli, Douglas Cross, Edson Kohatsu, Francis Ortolan, Fulvio Pacheco, William Match, Gustavo Ravaglio, IDA, João Ferreira, José Aguiar, Lucas D, Ma Matiazi, Marcelo Lopes, Rui Silveira, Rui Silveira, Robson Vilalba, Ricardo Kuika, Vinicius Gressanae, and as Well as Jain.

Illustration: Adelson Tavares, Adilson Farias, Andre Muller, AntonioKomyama, Atlan Rabbit, BirgitteTümmler, Bruna Ahmed, ButcherBilly, Caio Beltrão Sposito, Jamhour Carolina, Cris Excelsior, Eve Ferretti, EverlyGiller, Ezekiel Moura, Fabrizio Andriani, Fabiano Viana, Gaj1206, Ivan Soria, Julia Arbigaus, Luiz Jyudah, Marcelo Bittencourt, Marcia Széliga, Mari Inês Piekas, Nilson Mueller, Rafael Camargo, Rafael Mox, Raphael Teles, Rare de Oliveira, Rogério Rabbit, Silvia Zyla, Simon Taylor, Bongo's Horn.

Caricature: Ademir Passion, Ale Mariano, Ari Vicentini, Bennett, Cesar Marchesini, Dalton Tiepolo, Dirceu Veiga, Douglas Nogueira, Eduardo Moreira, Francis of Christ, Giuliano Bulara, Guto Days, Joseph Marconi, Laqua, Leandro Marin, Krishnan Krebs, Luiz Antonio Weld, Marcelo Martins, Mark Jacobsen, Mark Barrett, Nano Gilevicz, Natan SS, Nilson Sa, Nil Malik, Noelle Port, Pancho, Ryan Vasquez, Tako X, James Recchia and William Amaro.

Animation Prize (participating Studios): Dogzilla Studio, Padoca Studio, Key Framed, Spirit Animation, cabong studios, coffee Khartoum, Carlon Hardt, José Roberto Cahali, Studio tijucas, Zoom elephant, Rosana van der Meer, Marcos hinke.

Shows Traces current comic – Panorama Curitibanos, caricature, illustration and animation
Local: Municipal Museum of art (Muma) -Av. Argentina Republic, 3430 -Gate
Dates and times: From 30 of June (Opening 19h) to 20 August. From Tuesday to Sunday, from 10h to 19h.
Free entry.

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