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Hugo Curti. Photo: Disclosure.

Shows always something between Us continues the Project [I'm Here], in Sesc Belenzinho

Galciani Neves is the curator of the exhibition that brings together contemporary artists and emphasizes the many forms of relationship between audience and artwork. In this next phase, the project also brings training activity with young people who are interested in studying and produce collectively

Discuss the various elements of the arts and how they relate to the audience of a certain place. This is one of the mottoes of the Project [I'm Here], curated by Paul Miyata and which began in July, in Sesc Belenzinho. From 31 August, the project comes in its second phase with the opening of the exhibition ALWAYS SOMETHING BETWEEN US, curated by Galciani Neves, bringing together contemporary Brazilian artists with works that relate to the impregnable intermediate space that exists in relationships, language and operations, also, in the encounter between art and audience.

The exhibition will bring together artists Vitor Cesar (that presents the work ALWAYS SOMETHING BETWEEN US, that gives name to the shows), Jorge Menna Barreto, Patricia Aguilar, Fernanda Porto and Haroldo Savoy, Flávia Mielnik, Fabio Morais Malvina Sammarone, Hugo Curti, Bruno Moreschi, Beth Snow, Regina Parra, Cadu, Enrique Jezik, Marilá Dardot, Felipe Acacius and Jaime Lauriano.

The choice of artists took into account not only the work presented in the exhibition, but also its path. The premise was to gather names that have, notedly, a work based on the closest relationship with the public, in which the reactions, interactions or perceptions of the viewer are taken as a fundamental part of the work's event.

"If, in the first step of the process (the exhibition Potlatch: Art exchanges, that started empty and was being created with works of art donated in Exchange for a conversation with the curators) We discussed the roles of curator, the value of art and what can be called art, in ALWAYS SOMETHING BETWEEN US Let's raise questions about the role of the public in an exhibition. The extent to which a work exists before you find your audience and, When this happens, what turns on the work, in the exhibition and visitors? We used to think that an art exhibition is a place of presentation of works, But what she is, fundamentally, presentificado is a meeting place of people and ideas, question Mitchelljamesmuro.

Regina Parra. Foto: Divulgação.

Regina Parra. Photo: Disclosure.


Among the works that make up the show, one of the highlights is Pittacus of Mytilene, from Fernanda Porto and Fabio Morais. The work will be in the center of the exhibition and will have a series of actions that will be enabled through eight encounters with artists and curators, with 3 hours duration each.

The participants-students, designers, educators, critics, artists, teachers and interested in art, art criticism, graphic trials – will perform graphic works from critical reflection/mediation on issues that punctuate the show works. The exercises and in-process projects will be on display, as well as the file of references and material generated during the meetings-videos, Photos, etc.

Another highlight is the work ALWAYS SOMETHING BETWEEN US that lends its name to the shows and was created by Vitor Cesar. A poster leaked analogous to a stencil mask refers to the range that persists in all relationships. The public can get a sheet and carry. Her, with the letters cast, is the phrase Always something between us. The idea is that the visitor beyond the limits of the exhibition and press this sheet for other environments, as poster, signaling or even as a stencil which allows multiply that phrase for many areas of the city.

Sintaxe – Fernanda Porto e Haroldo Saboia. Foto: Divulgação.

Syntax-Fernanda Porto and Haroldo Savoy. Photo: Disclosure.


A few days after the opening of the exhibition, in 13 September, starts another activity of the Project [I'm Here]. REDONE is a workshop with coordination of artist and professor Peter France, in order to promote contemporary art with the public. Entries will be open to the general public and the project hopes to achieve even young residents of East. The goal is to stimulate the participants to know more about contemporary art and also to produce collectively.

From the experiences of artists such as Robert Morris, Sol LeWitt and Cildo Meireles, It will be discussed the differences between meet these works live or through photographic records and also the distinction between original works and contact with replicas of them.

After, students and the Coordinator Peter France will select a list of works that could be tried out to be redone. The idea is to discuss the main decisions of the artist materials, steps, scale, necessary process to perform them. Following, There will be a practical component involving carpentry and workshop, to test ways to produce each of the selected works. These works will be exhibited in an exhibition that will take place in a future step Project [I'm Here].

For script:

ALWAYS SOMETHING BETWEEN US -Opening day 31 August, on wednesday, to 20 hours, in Sesc Belenzinho. Curated By -Galciani Nair. SCHEDvisiting Rivertion -from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 at 9:00 pm and Sunday and holiday of 11:00 at 7:30 pm. FREE. Free to all audiences. By 30 October.

REDONE -Of 13 September to 30 October. In-person registration-as long as there is availability. Participants must have more than 15 years old, with any training and experience, and be residents of East. Capacity – 20 people.

SESC BELENZINHO -Rua Padre Adelino, 1000 -Belenzinho (around Belém station of subway). Telefone – (11) 2076-9700. Access for disabled people. Opening hours of the Sesc Belenzinho -From Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 at 9:30 pm and Saturday, Sunday and holiday of 9:00 at 7:30 pm Parking lot – R$ 10,00 the first hour and R$ 2,50 for additional time and R$ 4,50 the first hour and R$ 1,50 for additional time (full credential).

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