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Art 1The project of “OCCUPATION FOR ART – ART EVERYWHERE” It is a movement in favor of the Visual Arts in Bahia with the goal of strengthening the system and the overview of the arts market, through exhibitions in galleries itinerants assembled in places where there are large public circulation, the creation of art fairs, auctions, etc.

A movement that converses with the extension program of the Federal University of Bahia, in particular with the school of fine arts, Besides being aligned with public policies of the State and Municipality, following the trend of the major centers of art and culture of the country.

Art 2The action aims to occupy temporarily empty stores, in the process of new lease, in the mall's Center's, doing a ' artistic intervention’ with the Assembly of Galleries. The main objective, collaborate to create the habit of accessing the art galleries and contribute to the arts system, approaching the ‘ public ’. A unique feature of the action is in the participation of several artists, with different languages, at different stages of their careers and not the particular interest of promoting the work of a specific artist. But to fill a gap in the system of Arts in Bahia for the lack of exhibition spaces with large natural flow of public.Art 3

Three months working at the Mall Parallel-L2, in an area of 120 m ², the Gallery has a differentiated mediation by qualified monitors, certificates of authenticity of the works, Vernissage, performances and briefly held its first auction of works.

Art 4The public and critical success has encouraged the participation of new artists and the expansion to new proposals. A careful curation account, among others, with Prof. Dr. in arts, the school of fine arts-UFBA with almost 50 years of experience, to ensure the excellence of shows and criteria with the works.

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  2. Movement of Occupation by Art | Website Obras de Arte

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