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Erotic collection “69 poems and some essays”, cover - featured. Disclosure.
Erotic collection “69 poems and some essays”, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Women write about eroticism with poetry

Publishers Oficina Raquel and Jandaíra are launching the erotic collection “69 poems and some essays”, organized by Raquel Menezes with support from the collective Women who Write. With 49 poets from all over Brazil, the anthology is made to meet the woman's need to talk about sex, sexuality, feminine and feminism. According to the organizers, is an opportunity for readers to learn about the female view of sex, pornography, freedom to be and be with one's body. One of the artists featured in the book is Maria Firmina dos Reis, first black woman to publish a novel in the country, "Úrsula", in 1859.

Illustrated by Clara Zúñiga, “69 poems and some essays” begins with four texts extracted from the zine “More porn, please", of the poet Adelaide Ivánova, that in 2016 launched the first edition for a fair, with 30 copies, and gradually started to bring together artists to think about pornography. The essay signed by researcher Isadora Sinay discusses “the marginality of women who enjoy”, from studying erotic works of all times.

In addition to Maria Firmina and Ivánova, are in the book verses by Adelaide do Julinho, Ana Kiffer, Ana ruffle, Ara Nogueira, Ayla Andrade, Brown Staircase, Bruna Kalil Othero, Carolina Luisa Costa, Cecilia Forest, Cristiane Sobral, Danieli Christovão Balbi, Erica Zíngano, Rosa Estela, Eveline Sin, Gabriela Farrabrás, Zelnys layer, Helena Zelic, Jorgeana Braga, Julia Root, Lila Maia, Lilian Sais, Lindevania Martins, Lizandra Magon de Almeida, Lúcia Santos, Maíra Ferreira, Maria Isabel Iorio, Maria Lúcia Dal Farra, Mariana Paim, Mariana Queiroz, Marília Floôr Kosby, Micheliny Verunschk, Mika Andrade, Natalia Borges Polesso, Natasha Felix, Nina Rizzi, Pamela Filipini, Pilar This, Rita Isadora Pessoa, Roberta Ferraz, Sandra Regina, Sara Síntique, Simone Brantes, Sofia Mathias, Taís Bravo, Tatiana Small, Thalita Coelho and Yasmin Nigri.

"69 poems and some essays", that 144 pages, can be found in bookstores and ordered through the websites of Rachel Office and Jandaira.

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