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Cyanotype of Experimental Workshop at the Museum of the City of Curitiba Photography, featured. Disclosure.

Photography museum conducts experimental workshop Cyanotype

Begins on Wednesday (16/5) cyanotype the Experimental Workshop at the Museum of Photography. The course objective is to produce and fix images by hand, demonstrate and experience the historical process photographic print of the nineteenth century - the cyanotype.

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The course is aimed at interested in learning the craft imaging concepts, experimenters, photographers and the general public. Taught by Patricia Jerome, the workshop will present the theory, but students will have practical exercise. individual and collective dynamics, sensitization involving, exercises and image analysis are also part of the course methodology.

Oficina Experimental de Cianotipia no Museu da Fotografia Cidade de Curitiba. Divulgação.

Cyanotype of Experimental Workshop at the Museum of the City of Curitiba Photography. Disclosure.

A Cianotipia

It is a handmade photographic process of the nineteenth century, which uses iron molecules sensitive to light blue color, which confers to this type of photograph. In addition to being the simplest craft sensitization processes, the formed image is still, the most durable. This process allows many appropriations and artistic and pedagogical experimentation in contemporary. The cyanotype process is learned through practice involving photo contact objects or frames, Contact photo transparencies (negative).

Patricia Jerome

It is a photographer and director of photography. Always attracted by overcrowding, He began to produce their images 1998, highlighting the characters in situations. His work is permeated by images that bring together groups, various tribes and people. His most recent toppings include Black Live Matters protest (USA, 2015); SXSW Festival (USA, 2015), for Noize magazine. The Curitiba, which is considered a citizen of the world, He traveled throughout Latin America and much of Europe. Patricia graduated in analogue photography and laboratory processes by Photography Center of UFRGS (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul). Currently, Cyanotype coordinates the workshop of the Curitiba Photography Museum and is creator of the project "Co Exist", in collective construction process with the participation of 18 photographers around the world.

Service: Cyanotype workshop at the Museum of Photography
Local: Museum of Photography City of Curitiba - R. Pres. Carlos Cavalcanti, 533
Days: from May, once a month, until October. Totalizing 6 classes.
Load time: 12hrs.
Time: from 14h to 18h
Material required students: Disposable gloves; waterproof apron.
Monthly fee $135,00
More information: (41) 3321-3260


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