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Show Hand - the house translation by landscape. Photo: Disclosure.

Museum of Rio Art receives presentation of the show hand - the house translation by landscape

Performance acrobatic directed by Renato Linhares back to the SEA stilts on Sunday, 11 August

11/08, 16h
Free entrance | PG

The Museu de Arte do Rio, under the management of the Institute Odeon, receives on its stilts on Sunday, 11 August, a presentation of the show hand - Translates House For Landscape. Directed by Renato Linhares, acrobatic performance with choreographic sequences will be held at 16h.

The intervention brings to the public the development, live, a frame 8 meters of height, made of iron and wood. Movements that refer to a building, as screw, Loading dock and, They mix to balance pendulum and to risky slips into a huge ramp of wood during construction. In the middle of colored smoke artists moving and, in the end, It is left in the center an indoor sculpture by a large canvas, is transforming not circus.

This is the second time that the show will be held at SEA. On 30 June the group charmed children and adults with two performances in the museum stilts.

The presentation of the Spectacle Hand has free admission and classification is free.

About HAND:

HAND - translation of the house by the landscape takes to the streets a reflection on the construction of (hand of-) public work. A dip in the metaphysical world of assemblies and urban structures of buildings is the central proposal of "HAND", that estrou on 16 April 2019 in M. Park.

The intervention is directed by Renato Linhares the work of interpreters / builders Adelly Costantini, Camila Moura, Cony Carolina, Daniel Elias, Daniel Poittevin, Fabio Freitas, and multi-instrumentalist Ricardo Dias Gomes.

Taking as a starting point to create an urban intervention, the performance takes place from the moment the seven artists invade the square in a car / freight / sound, taking viewers that are experiencing the many forms of expression that are in touch, the builder action, the simple displacement irons, nuts and bolts.


Actors: adelly Costantini, Camila Moura, Cony Carolina, Daniel Elias, Daniel Poittevin, Fabio Freitas and Marcelo Callado.
Direction: Renato Linhares
technical direction: Daniel Elias
Scenography: Floor Studio / Adriano Carneiro de Mendonça and Antonio Pedro Coutinho
Original drawing of the structure: Keller Veiga
Music: Ricardo Dias Gomes
Photos: Renato Mangolin
Production direction: adelly Costantini

Time: Sunday, 11 August | 16h
Free entrance | PG
Address: Praca Maua, 5 - Center.


The Art Museum of the river-SEA

An initiative of Prefeitura do Rio in partnership with Fundação Roberto Marinho, the sea has activities that involve collecting, registration, search, preservation and return of cultural property to the community. Proactive support space education and culture, the museum was born with a school - the School Look -, whose proposal is innovative museological: foster the development of an educational program of reference for actions in Brazil and abroad, combining art and education based on the curatorial program that guides the institution.

The sea is managed by the Odeon, a social organization of culture. The museum has the Globe Group as maintainer, the Equinor as master sponsor, Bradesco Seguros as sponsor and financial backer as BNDES through the Federal Law on Cultural Incentives.

The SEA also has the support of the City of Rio de Janeiro and the State Government of Rio de Janeiro and realization of the Ministry of Citizenship and the Federal Government of Brazil through the Federal Law on Cultural Incentives.

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