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Exposição "Estações" by Antonio Arney. Photo: Disclosure.
Exhibition "Seasons" by Antonio Arney. Photo: Disclosure.

Religious Art Museum presents exhibition of artist Antonio Arney

The Museum of sacred art of Curitiba receives next Saturday (14) the exhibition of the award-winning artist paranaense Antonio Arney. The exhibition "seasons" is a synthesis of their production, that emphasizes the use of wood associated with collages of various materials and painting. It is also a rare opportunity to enjoy the set of works of this artist, born in New Delhi and about to turn 90 years.

Curated by Eliane Prolik and Adolfo Montejo Navas, the exhibition brings together works that do reflect on the time. "The set of fourteen paintings by the artist talks about the nature of time who dwells in them, with your ingrained layers on wood, a raw material constituent always, offering certain dramaturgy on own your landscape painting ", explains Adolfo Navas. For the curator, the fact of exposing his works at the Museum of sacred art gives an even greater meaning to the title of the show, "symbolically, as seasons of life, of the time, as well as the steps past that Christ suffered for being created in our image, after our likeness ".

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"Seasons" initiates a series of exhibitions by the celebration of his 90 years to be completed in 2016. Self-taught artist, Antonio Arney learned the craft of woodworking with your father. His long artistic career started in Curitiba, Since the late 1950, with participation in the circle of fine arts, Cocaco art gallery, and later in Paraná A Group collective.

In your CV appear in numerous awards, eight awards in the Hall of Paraná, and participation in important national and international exhibitions such as the Panorama of Current Brazilian Art -MAM/SP (1969 and 1970), Pré-Bienal de São Paulo (1970) and XI International Biennial of São Paulo (1971), where ten works of the third series entitled "Comparison of values were exhibited in the artist's room. Integrated Plastic Brazil 72 and the National Salon of fine arts (1978 and 1980), in Rio de Janeiro. His work integrates public collections of the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Museum of contemporary art (PR), Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo, Art Museum of the FEDERAL UNIVERSITY of PARANÁ, and Curitiba Art Museum and important private collections.

Exhibition "Seasons", by Antonio Arney
Local: Sacred Art Museum of the Archdiocese of Curitiba – from Masac (Largo da Ordem)
Opening: 14 th November of 2015 (Saturday), às 10h
Time: By 14 February 2016, from Tuesday to Friday, the 9:0 to 12:0 and 1:0 pm to 6:0 pm; Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 9:0 to 2:0 pm.
Free entry.


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