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Ipiranga Museum is open? Check out the main attractions

The Ipiranga Museum is open for visitation. After more than nine years of waiting, anyone who dreams of visiting space will finally have their chance. After being hastily closed in 2013, one of the cultural spaces most important in Brazil is reopened.

Thus, after restoration and expansion, the Ipiranga Museum had a complete modernization. For those who want to visit the museum, separate your ticket and your national travel insurance and see what are the new attractions of the space!

Ipiranga Museum is open?

The Ipiranga Museum has been open since September 2022. With this, one of the most important cultural centers of the country is reopened after closing the hastily in 2013.

That is, at the time, the museum closed after the discovery of a large underground crack. In this way, beyond repairs, expansions and modernizations were also carried out throughout the museum.

Formerly called Museu Paulista, the space was built from 1895, with the addition of serving as a historic monument. Though D. Pedro I was responsible for the cry of independence, on the banks of the Ipiranga, the Emperor never lived there.

By the way, to celebrate that the Ipiranga Museum, it is possible to visit the space for free until the day 6 December of this year, 2022.

Restoration of the Ipiranga Museum and its collection

But what has changed in the place? That the Ipiranga Museum is open now you already know, although, the cultural center brought about important reforms not only in its structure.

As mentioned here, the renovation also included the construction of an expansion building. Thus, the expansion was responsible for housing a new entrance, integrated into the French Garden.

In addition, there is also a ticket office, shop and cafe, not to mention the auditorium for 200 people. There are also spaces and rooms for educational services, as well as a temporary exhibition hall.

Ipiranga Museum is open with news

With this, the Ipiranga Museum is open with some news. In addition to the aforementioned temporary gratuity, Visitors can also check out a collection with more than 3 thousand objects.

The collection, moreover, underwent a restoration, that makes visits even more interactive. The expansion area of ​​the Museu do Ipiranga occupies the basement and the building at the top.

In this way, the public can access the site through two new entrances, placed at the height of the garden, where is also the box office. It is worth mentioning that the museum was also concerned with the accessibility of those who visit.

That is, one of the premises of the Ipiranga Museum restoration project was accessibility. Thus, the space now has elevators and access ramps, that make the exhibitions accessible to anyone with any kind of limitation.

With touch screens, reproduction in metal and dioramas, anyone visiting the museum has a complete experience, whatever the attraction.

More news will come

In addition, the Ipiranga Museum is open, but promises to bring more news to its visitors. This is because new gastronomic spaces will also be opened on the premises..

In addition to the aforementioned souvenir shops and cafeteria, The fountains in Jardim do Francés also went through a recovery process.. The landscaping project promises to delight those who visit the museum.

Ipiranga Museum is open: main attractions and tips

Now that you already know that the Ipiranga Museum, it remains to know what to do and see in the cultural space. The reopening promises to bring different attractions and exhibitions to celebrate the new phase of the place.

Thus, to help you know what to do and see, we separate some tips. See below what to do at the Ipiranga Museum.


Firstly, one of the main attractions of the Ipiranga Museum are the exhibitions open to visitors. However, with so many options, it's even hard to know what to see. See some options below..

A History of Brazil

One of the main exhibitions at the Ipiranga Museum shows the history of our country. She understands the hall, main staircase and noble hall. In addition, there is the main collection, with works of art integrated into architecture.

Disputed Territories

In Disputed Territories, objects linked to the colonization era are on display, some of the oldest in the museum. It is a collection that dates back to the 16th century., e cylindrical maps, important treaties and letters in the history of Brazil.

Imagined Pasts

Finally, another good exhibition option is Passados ​​Imaginados. There you can see large screens, Besides the plaster model that represents the city of São Paulo in 1841.

Lookout with a beautiful view

One more attraction for those visiting the Ipiranga Museum is the gazebo. highly disputed area, she offers a full view of the historic hill of Ipiranga. no horizon, you can watch the outline of Serra da Cantareira.

Yet, it is worth remembering that if you want to have a complete view, it's good to arrive early so as not to run the risk of having to compete for space with visitors.

Ride in the Fountains

Finally, an attraction that cannot be left out of your visit to the Ipiranga Museum is the walk in the fountains. Even before, the museum was known for its beautiful fountains.

However, before the renovation, they were empty and disabled. Thus, for those who want to fully enjoy the tour on site, it is worth going through them and checking out the landscaping work done.

The French Garden has several topiary trees, palm trees, rose bushes and pine trees to make your visit even more beautiful.

Ipiranga Museum is open: where to buy tickets?

Finally, after knowing that the Ipiranga Museum is open and what to do there, all that remains is to know how to buy your tickets.

Although access to the museum is free until 6 of december, tickets for after that date can be purchased at Official website of the Museum of Ipiranga. There you can check all the information on prices and conditions for half price.

The Ipiranga Museum is located on Rua dos Patriotas, n.º 100, in the Ipiranga neighborhood, in São Paulo. The neighborhood is served by three metro stations., all of the green line.

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