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Natalia Risso Fernandez

Natalia Risso Fernández é Artista Plástica.

Natalia Risso Fernández is an artist.

Natalia Risso Fernandez

Plastic artist, computer graphics technique.

Academic training:

  • Technique in graphical representation of architecture. IEC, Montevideo;
  • Technological baccalaureate. IEC, Montevideo;
  • University of the Republic, Faculty of architecture, approved substances of second year of career.


  • Currently attending transformational female therapist;
  • Deep spirituality, Feng Shui, Restoration and artistic intervention of furniture, Painting and art history at the Casa de Cultura de Maldonado, Escaparatismo at the Institute Strasser, Personal image and business advice in Garbo, IMUR Marketing analyst, Montevideo.

With the theme of my painting “Female energies” and “Inspiring women”, looking for contributing subtly to the eradication of gender violence, exposing positively women's diversity as a source of inspiration, learning and growth for all. Go back to the very essence of being a woman, to see clearly what are the destructive beliefs that limit us, which generate competition rather than cooperation.

“Natalia painting Risso's art conscious Fernández, awakens, that makes visible the invisible, the essence behind the appearances. She shapes the way, color, lights and shadows to the inner universe, and puts us face to face with our emotions, our fears and especially with the magic and the power of our best version. That is why his works tempt us, move us… transform us.” – Monica Joke Delgado.

Martina Luz.

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La Barra – Uruguay
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E-mail: n.risso.f@gmail.com


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