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Nelson Nascimento Junior


Nelson Nascimento Junior is a Visual Artist.

Nelson Nascimento Junior

I live in the city of São Paulo, Brasil, along with my wife and our two children. More or less at 7 years old I was interested by the arts and even drew some of the figures of “comics” that time (long time ago), I was deepening as self-taught and nowadays artistic painting is my main activity.

I paint with my emotions, love, affection and virgo as I am, doing well done; because I think that when people look at my artwork they will find some of these feelings…!

“All artists have the same intention: the desire to please and can set up the art of simple and as usual attempt to create pleasing forms. These forms satisfy us the feeling of beauty and this is satisfied when we have the possibility to enjoy unity or harmony of formal relations between the sensory perceptions”.


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São Paulo – São Paulo
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