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Blessing of Food at Park Tingui. Photo: Doreen Marques.

Saturday has blessing of food in the Pope's Woods and Ukrainian Memorial

The traditional blessing of food, Easter festivity held by Polish and Ukrainian communities in Curitiba, happens day 31 March, Saturday of Hallelujah.

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In the Pope's Woods programming the "Swieconka", which means joy in the goodness of God, which gives us food, starts from 12pm, with typical lunch. Following will reopen one of the typical house that has been restored. There will also be folk performances, blessing of food and presentation of coral John Paul II. The event ends at 18:30.

No Ukrainian Memorial, Have no Parque, one of the most anticipated moments is the Blessing of "Paskas", special and ritual breads, decorated with wheat branches, leaves and flowers. The event starts at 16h. Easter breads are baked, the Hrin (horseradish) with beet and pyssanka (cooked and painted eggs) They are prepared and placed in a wicker basket, lined and covered with embroidered towels, with butter, the cheese, the honey, the "Koybassa" (sausage), o salo (bacon or bacon) and smoked meat. For Ukrainians, Easter, besides being the most important feast of the year, It is a moment of cultural event.

This year, the German Bosque gets, from 10pm, a grupo Folclorico Other Heimat, which will display a typical German dance, it demonstrates the tradition of painting Easter eggs. The presentation will take place 10 am, and half repeated in half an hour, up to 16h.

Service - Blessing of Food
Date: 31 March (Saturday of Hallelujah)
Swieconka - Blessing of Food at the Polish Pope in Memorial Grove
Flag Euclid Street, s/nº, Civic Center
Blessing of Paskas
Blessing of food in the Ukrainian Memorial Park in Tingui
Rua Dr. MBA of Ferrante, s/nº, Bear Park – St. John
Presentation of folk group Alte Heimat in the German Bosque
Rua Francisco Schaffer, s/n – Vista Alegre

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