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João Diniz. Photo: Disclosure.

New home, new projects, a lot of innovation!

Khalid M Arts Gallery in the newly opened Ponteio Lar Shopping
brings news to the public and opens with exhibition
Jorge dos Anjos and João Diniz this Saturday, 18/2.

João Diniz e Jorge dos Anjos. Foto: Divulgação.

João Diniz and Jorge dos Anjos. Photo: Disclosure.

A contemporary woman, that delights everyone to your surroundings with intelligence, knowledge, gentleness and generosity. Their link with the art started around twenty years, When working with studios and galleries. Over 20 years passed and the marchand Carminha Macedo, the owner of the art gallery that takes your name continues with the same claw of the young man who learned to love the art by living your day to day and takes pleasure to educate and engage new lovers looks to this fascinating universe!

National reference in contemporary art, the Gallery, through your exhibition programming, features a cast of creators with different languages, media and diversity. With a beautiful newly opened art gallery at Ponteio Lar Shopping, where your professional history began more than two decades, Carminha Macedo resumes your history with the Mall gathering in a same space a place to think, produce and experience, creating a better relationship between the artist, your art and the Viewer.

Novidades 2017

In new home, the Blessing M Arts Gallery launches two projects at Ponteio Lar Shopping, both curated by Wagner Nardy, a young talent of the arts who is also a renowned art dealer bet. At the opening of the exhibition, Daniella Zupo will participate with a performance reading in context with the exhibitions.

Jorge dos Anjos. Foto: Divulgação.

Jorge dos Anjos. Photo: Disclosure.

The first of these, Art showcase, is institutional slant and occupies the front window of the Gallery, allowing the invited artists to create conceptual relations with space. To launch the project, I've invited Jorge dos Anjos, Black Gold Miner and one of our artists more collects awards in national art salons. Is one of the most expressive names of art contemporary and also name your mining is linked to participation and collaboration in black art festivals ", strengthens Carminha.

João Diniz. Foto: Divulgação.

João Diniz. Photo: Disclosure.

Already the project right foot, World News from Gallery, proposes a challenge to artists to work on a large scale. "For the opening, We invite the architect João Diniz, submit your work to the general public unprecedented with photographs. Will be a surprise, Since these works were never exposed ", highlights the curator Wagner Nardy.

João Diniz. Foto: Divulgação.

João Diniz. Photo: Disclosure.

For Luiz Sternick, Marketing Manager of Ponteio, have the Blessing Macedo art gallery back to the mix of Home Shopping Ponteio is a great privilege! "Count on this great and brilliant business woman businesswoman opening the year 2017 on our side and with a beautiful exhibition of two exponents of art and architecture of Minas Gerais is a key differentiator for the Mall! With these new projects signed by Wagner Nardy translates a single moment of this new phase art gallery here at Ponteio!”, concludes Sternick.


Art Showcase projects and right foot – Exhibitions of George Dean and João Diniz
Local: Khalid M Arts Gallery – Ponteio Lar Shopping (LJ 218)
Opening: 18 February 2017, 11h às 17h
Exhibition: 19/2 to 3/3 from 2017
Time: Monday to Saturday, 10h to 10:00 pm; Sunday, 14h to 20h


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