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ArtWork "Beautiful Day", year - 2017, Technique - Watercolor on paper, dimensions - 36 x 32 cm, Fernanda Dad Bour. Photo: Disclosure.

New individual of Vilanova Gallery explores the Fantastic and the Disturbing

“As I Involve ", The Fernanda Papa de Boer, exhibits paintings in various techniques, sculptures, video, Audio and installation, and addresses a peculiar universe of the artist, where the real contrast to the imaginary

The Gallery Vilanova inaugurates "As I Involve“, visual artist Fernanda Papa de Boer, under the curatorship of Bianca Boeckel. Individual comprises 16 new works – oil paintings, watercolors, pastry, sculptures, video, audio, installation and a performance that will take place during the exhibition period – and to awaken unrest by presenting the imaginary universe of the artist, in which the real – represented by tangible things of the world – contrasts with the fantastic, where these things, characters and spaces are transformed into new objects, intentions, and situations.

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Inspired by the human psychology – wishes, feelings, perceptions – , Fernanda Papa de Boer It addresses a theme that brings us to the imaginary and strange, “both place, as the character, even the objects and shapes, comments on the artist. “Seeking headed-the (spectators) to my path of unconscious“. Consisting of original pieces, a nova individual da Gallery Vilanova exploits a work whose themes and colors are disconnected from what we have as a reality, which takes away the comfort of the visitor to put you in situations of estrangement. “On the other hand, magnetism is immediate and the desire to understand (or just admire) the subconscious of the artist increases in proportion to the flagramos looking in, seeking answers to questions we had not before”, says curator Bianca Boeckel.

In exploring various means of expression – painting, installation, video -, Fernanda Papa de Boer choose support for their works according to your intentions: in the Painting, believes that passion, force, pain and intensity are transmitted in strong tones, as red, magenta and pink; in the drawing, uses the pastel stick in order to express feelings, strokes and textures. “In the watercolor seek other intention with the technical. I do many overlapping layers to obtain the result of a dissolved space, made up of several colors washed, which together seek to convey an impression of depth. On the premises, usually, I intend to build a living space, where the public can interact, get into a work of art and question or simply to take or surprising”, complements artist.

As I Involve"Proposes a recurring theme in the artist's production, translated the question about the freedom of the imagination, and takes into account what's real and what's reverie. In the words of Bianca Boeckel: “Fernanda flirts with madness through videos, music, paintings, sculptures in various materials and installation. His performance demystifies insanity and share with the viewer, in an act as brave as questioner”.

Exhibition: “As I Involve
Artist: Fernanda Papa de Boer
Curated By: Bianca Boeckel
Opening: 18 October 2018, Thursday, at 19h
Period: 19 October to 21 th November of 2018
Local: Gallery Vilanova www.galeriavilanova.com.br
Rua Domingos Leme, 73 - Vila Nova Conceição - São Paulo, SP
Tel.: (11) 2691-1190
Timetables: Thursday to Saturday, from 12 at 19h | Monday to Wednesday, by appointment:
Number of works: 16
Techniques: Oil paintings, watercolors, pastry, sculptures, video, Audio and installation
Dimensions: varied
Prices: R$ 2.200,00 the R $ 9.800,00


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Tel.: (11) 3814.3382 – contato@balady.com.br

Fernanda Papa de Boer (São Paulo, 1986)

Mestra pela École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris. Works with installation, performance, video, watercolors, painting and drawing. Search unconscious, focusing on dreams and imagination. Search unsettle the audience with his amazing imaginary themes. Has in its curriculum solo and group exhibitions, and his work has been exhibited in Tokyo, Paris and Sao Paulo.

Gallery Vilanova

Located in the central park area, Vilanova Gallery promotes established artists and rising, establishing itself as a meeting point for those who appreciate art. In 2018, celebrates 5 years of foundation and 24 exhibitions promoted, highlighting the individual Virgilio Neves, Camila Alvite, Rodrigo Edelstein, they Verz, Katia Wille and George Feitosa. Throughout this performance period, won space in the specialized media in art, as culture notebooks major Brazilian newspapers, weekly tours of exhibitions, journals, TV and online media. The gallery caters to a demanding audience, always looking for news in photo, paintings, sculptures and various media. Intense research and ensure curated shows a detail with a wide variety of conceptually meaningful art and visually stimulating. In addition to individual and collective, an eclectic collection and constantly renewing allow collectors always enjoy new works and learn about the latest trends. In 2018, participates for the first time the fair SP-Arte / Foto, in São Paulo. Bianca Boeckel, owner and director of Vilanova Gallery, also acts as curator and consultant for artists and clientèle, using its international experience.

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