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Juliane Fuganti. Untitled. Photogravure, 2016. Photo: Disclosure.

New exhibitions come at engraving Museum

The Curitiba city engraving Museum receives new exhibitions from this Thursday (24). Juliane Fuganti, Dulce Osinski, Ricardo Carneiro, Everly Giller, Maya Weishof, Eduardo Cardoso Amato, Kailash Buzzatto, Miriam Fischer and more artists 6th Prize winners Ibema feature their new productions in the language of engraving. Check:

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6IBEMA th prize of ENGRAVING
Collective of artists selected and awarded
Presentation of the outcome of the sixth edition of the Ibema of Engraving. The contest, largest of the genus promoted by private initiative in the country, brings the exposure 20 artists selected and awarded.

Everly Giller. Wiatr. Litografia, 2016. Foto: Divulgação.

Everly Giller. The wind. Lithograph, 2016. Photo: Disclosure.

Artists: Maya Weishof and Eduardo Cardoso Amato
Maya artists Weishof and Eduardo Cardoso Amato depart from engraving to locate language discussions concerning the notion of territory – guiding his poetic concept for this show in particular. This practice is graphics coupled with help of Elisa Lamb production, and curatorial thinking of Isadora Mattiolli.

Artists: Juliane Fuganti, Dulce Osinski, Ricardo Carneiro and Everly Giller
The show brings together four artists that writers have in common, In addition to the longtime friendship, the fact they have given their first steps in printmaking in the workshops of the Manor of Baron. With distinct poetic and thematic, These artists followed in their artistic trajectories, in which the engraving, always present, often shared space with paint, the drawing, the photo or even pottery. Once again gathered at the Museum of engraving, the artists take up the Act of facing an array, a common project that presents itself today as a challenge for dialogs that materialize in similarity relations, complement or contrast.

Dulce Osinski. Floresta. Xilogravura, 2015. Foto: Divulgação.

Dulce Osinski. Forest. Woodcut, 2015. Photo: Disclosure.

Artist: Kailash Buzzatto
Metal engravings from the cycle "the depth of the distance". The artist: “We need to make the imo and understand the immensity that deepens us”.

Artist: Miriam Fischer
The work part of the look nature having as propulsive for landscape and their feelings. Realizing how the nature dance at times, the show has the name "Foliando". The trials are designed with overlapping layer by layer line, popping a variety of colors with a new imagery of sensations present in nature.


New exhibitions at the Museum of the city of Curitiba
Local: Print Museum – Solar Baron-R. Carlos Cavalcanti, 533
Dates and times: from 24 th November of 2016 (Opening 19h) to 26 February 2017. From Tuesday to Friday, the 9:00 to 12:00 and 1:00 pm at 18; Saturdays and Sundays, from 12:00 to 6:00 pm

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