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"Remote Control", by artists Gisela Motta and Leandro Lima (2016). Photo: Ding Musa.
"Remote Control", by artists Gisela Motta and Leandro Lima (2016). Photo: Ding Musa.

News on the virtual schedule for the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin in July

Even in social isolation, with the help of technology, quarantine can be a period of great entertainment and culture

Every day, Casa-Museu Ema Klabin strengthens its virtual program with cultural activities through the project #CasaMuseuEmCasa. To participate in a series of interactive events, review exhibitions, learn more about art and enjoy good music, just access the museum's social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter e YouTube). The program is open to the whole family.

Like art? Through the Jardim Imaginário Series you can review the installation “Remote Control” that reflects on the role played by the media. The work installed in 2016, in the Garden of the Ema Klabin Foundation, was made up of thirty bird houses made of wood, forming a housing complex. Inside each house, lights and sounds from various television programs. The work of plastic artists Gisela Motta and Leandro Lima, curated by Gilberto Mariotti. You can watch the video of this magnificent work on the museum's social networks, from the next day 3 July.

Work in Your Home: Graphite

The museum educator prepared a video for those who appreciate graffiti and want to know a little about the Backdrop Graffiti series that brought exclusive works to the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin.

A retrospective presents the first four years of the series that can be seen in the virtual exhibition Fragmentos, curated by Renê Foch, available on the museum website.

Through a narrative, the video allows interaction between the viewer and the authors. “Obra em Sua Casa invites the public to know these works, reflect, sharpen visual perception and discover new meanings. Each week we present a set of artists. Each of them with their own language, its striking features, characters and poetics ”, explains Cristiane Alves, educational coordinator of the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin.

The educative also prepared a series of videos that narrate the myths, folk tales and stories that hide behind the details of the pieces of the Ema Klabin Collection (Collection Mythologies). In each story, parents and children are invited to create an illustration and, if you want, tag with the hashtag #CasaMuseuEmCasa to be posted on the social networks of the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin.

Quarantine with good music:

Music can lighten the period of social isolation. And who likes good music, you can check it on the YouTube Channel of the Museum, every tuesdays, to 17 hours, videos with new songs from the shows held at the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin in 2019, always bringing curiosities about the same. In July, will be songs from the show by Mental Abstract.

And on Thursdays, continuing the partnership with the Violão e Ponto project, unpublished performances recorded by guitarists take place directly from their homes. The presence of Flavio Rodrigues is confirmed, that will perform SP music from La Frontera, of his own. In addition to musician Thiago Guarnieri, that presents Tico-tico no Fubá, by Zequinha de Abreu e Fantasia on Em, of his own.

In addition, it is possible to review complete shows that are available on the Casa-Museu YouTube channel, such as: Octôctô Group (popular Brazilian rhythms and concert chamber music), Timbaloca (Salsa band that emerged from a group of Afro Latin Music studies), Purahéi Trio group (brings together songs and musicians from the triple border between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil).

And those who are longing to walk through the museum just have to make virtual visits in Google Arts & Culture no link: artsandculture.google.com/partner/fundacao-ema-klabin. Or the digital Explore tool, the museum site: emaklabin.org.br/explore

House Museum Ema Klabin: #CasaMuseuEmCasa
Work in Your Home - Fragments virtual exhibition
Collection Mythologies:
History of Ashanti Culture “The History of Stories”
History of Oriental Culture - “The Origin of Tanabata Matsuri: The Festival of the Stars ”
Greek Mythology - Atalanta and the Javali de Cálidon
Greek Mythology - Ariadne's Thread, Theseus and the Minotaur's Labyrinth
Complete shows: Saturdays at 4:30 pm – Octôctô Group, Timbaloca, Purahéi Trio (Now available on the YouTube Channel).
New songs: Every Tuesday of July, 17 hours unpublished songs from the show by Mental Abstract.
Guitar and Ponto: 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 th July 2020 - 17h – Flavio Rodrigues (day 2), Thiago Guarnieri (day 9) (Partnership with Guitar and Ponto)
Access our social networks:
Instagram: @emaklabin
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fundacaoemaklabin
Twitter: twitter.com/emaklabin
Canal do YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UC9FBIZFjSOlRviuz_Dy1i2w
WebSite: emaklabin.org.br

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