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New Visual Artists of Site

New Visual Artists of Site

With great Satisfaction we inform you that new Visual Artists are part of the Site Obras de Arte.

If you are an Artist, Join also our home!

Among the new:



Lucio Larangeira is an Academic of Febacla.

Lives in Campo Grande - Mato Grosso do Sul, where he keeps his studio.

Naif Painter produces his paintings with … See more …




Edmundo Cavalcanti was born in São Paulo / SP. It's business administrator, divorced, retired, autodidact.

Began to draw and paint in Feb. from 2012, initially with graphite pencils, then with … See more …




Joao Pedro Marques born in 9 on April 1988 in Portugal in the city of Lisbon and resident of Setúbal district.

When Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope Leo III 2009 aroused the interest for painting … See more …



Flavio Macedo – My first experience with painting occurred in my father's studio, who is also a painter, with these impressions I knew I wanted to go the way of art … I am self-taught in academic drawing … See more …

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  2. This and many good Paraben, Achievements and very hug Waldomiro of God.

  3. Hi first congratulate the project,I am interested by the project how do I sign up?

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