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Artistic Director of the popular stage of the 34th music workshop of Curitiba, Vadeco Samson.

Music and core technology is nothing new in the music workshop of Curitiba

In line with the new forms of music production, the Curitiba music workshop comes your 34th Edition in 2016, with a great new feature for participants. In addition to the classes with teachers have enshrined in national and international scenarios, students will have a new core of study, Music and technology. Created by the artistic director of popular stage, the musician and cultural producer Vadeco Samson, the new core seeks to present the audio software that facilitate the musical processes.

"Currently, the musicians are connected and despite them knowing each other new technologies, often do not know use ", Remember Vadeco.

Second Vadeco, the technology helps in 3 principal axes: improves the performance of the musician, assists in learning and the dissemination of content, It brings a great reduction in the cost of music production. "The new barateiam production techniques, and also give independence to the musician who can perform in less time and value what it would cost a lot ", explains Vadeco.

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Another highlight is the lack of prerequisite for the achievement of the majority of this core courses. Vadeco points out that the idea is to increase the scope of the workshop. "We also want to technicians and music enthusiasts for the workshop, for school show the possibilities of the software and are a gateway to new studies ", concludes.

The courses tend to be more sought after are the Garage Band with professor Edson Antonio Borth, where will be addressed topics such as concepts of rhythm, arrangements of different instruments, midi editions, audio, voice recording, the Music production course with professor Rodrigo Campello, Roberta Sá producer, Recording techniques with Beto Japa, and the Studio course from Zero with Miguel Ratton, a pioneer in the dissemination of technologies for music 1990. Registration for the nine new core courses can be made on the website of the music workshop- oficinademusica.org.br, in total there are 200 available slots.


34th music workshop of Curitiba
Date: 7 to 27 January

Check out the options of courses in www.oficinademusica.org.br/cursos/musica-e-tecnologia/8



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