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"The Christmas spirit has to last the whole year", says philosopher Fabiano de Abreu

Solidarity is one of the most striking features Christmas. Suppers solidarity for people in vulnerability and distribution of toys for children of low-income situation are examples of common actions that can be observed at this time of year. But according to the philosopher Fabiano de Abreu, these are measures that need to be perpetuated throughout the year.

statistically, there are two types of people sympathetic second reading of the philosopher: those that help to benefit to society, taking advantage of tax breaks, for example, and they do because they want to contribute to a better society. "This last group is the smartest. What good is having a beautiful home, with a yard neat and clean, if the neighbor's house is falling apart or the street is all bumpy? Anything worth doing for yourself all year and not do for another. Does not solve cover your eyes and pretend not to see. The symmetry of what you see reveals who you are ".

Act with solidarity and promote socializing throughout the year is a basic principle of who has intelligence because it works as a natural wellness factor. "If I help, I will be in the middle of what can turn into something better, either to me or to the other. This concept is so present at Christmas is the value that is in live well in society, together, in harmony, giving and receiving ", points Fabiano.

Beyond good neighbor, actions like this promote health benefits, it is scientifically proven that, to be supportive, the hormone is released in the body satisfaction. "Similarly, experiencing more moments of socializing you tend to be happier and have more positive experiences in life times. It is also a way to avoid loneliness knowing that there are people who love you and are available. This promotes a subconscious relief that there is someone there on your side ".

Fabiano reiterates that this benefit does not apply to people who think that doing good or being together is linked to a financial interest or material terms to take some advantage. "Oftentimes, it seems impossible to the spirit of Christmas last all year, even because, We, Humans, we have oscillations. But this is a question of character, something that is within the person, It is part of the wisdom of those who think the other as yourself ", concludes.

Abreu Fabiano is a philosopher and specialist in studies of the human mind. Member of Mensa, Association smartest people based in England, It has one of the world's IQ with the brand 99 percentile, on measures currently accepted in neuropsychology.

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