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The Industrial Loft Style: the modern beauty

You've surely seen the scene in several movies: the main character, a creative aspirant, arrives at your apartment after a busy day and – calm, apartment? Not, almost that – a decorated mezzanine. an installation metallic, Maybe? Anyway, is something different and peculiar that does not cease to intrigue.

Since its popularization in New York, the industrial loft is a style that has been conquering the hearts of designers around the world. Once synonymous with little money for an exorbitant rent in urban centers, today the loft has become a vintage trend for many.

after all, most have never had contact with this type of housing, especially in less industrialized countries like Brazil. The economy turned to globalization, the status turned lifestyle, and the loft became the darling of young dreamers.

Come and learn a little about the style and history of the industrial loft – a modern beauty that no longer goes unnoticed.

What is an industrial loft?

Industrial Loft is the name given to residences installed in originally industrial environments.. We're talking about sheds, refrigerators, barns and any enclosed space that former factories used for storage.

With the technological expansion of New York, these same companies left the center of cities to concentrate their activities in other locations – leaving behind empty and derelict facilities. No promising chances in the real estate market, these old neighborhoods have become a cheap option for low-income people, like artists and intellectuals.

O loft, in retrospect, served as the best canvas in existence at the time. The addition between creative minds and the need for a roof led to a quirky style that only gained traction in the following years..

The loft was now an undivided residence and, of course, with a raised floor to simulate an upper floor, mezzanine-like structure. Thus, the standard aesthetic of the first lofts was born with the reddish bricks, the unfinished pipes and the famous metal platforms left over from the machinery.

Why the loft became popular?

The most admirable part of the story is that such an environment (who had never been assigned to housing) had everything to be unhealthy and informal, Something that did not happen. Quite the contrary; the initiative to include the industrial loft as a movie set at the end of the 20th century meant that the versatility in its interior design was maximized..

It was from movie dramas and comedies that the loft gained notoriety from the general public., going from mere “financial convenience” to a “cool option” amidst the liberal wave of the 80, when a significant number of young adults were looking for a promising life in the rising economy.

Evidently, it didn't just happen in america. Older European countries also had their own loft style., which only helped to spread this residential plan to the rest of the globe. Before we realized, this housing model was on the market as a legitimate choice of purchase and rent, in the same way as apartments and common houses.

Faced with the constant change of architectural molds, which, it wouldn't take long for the loft concept to be modernized for the present day.

the modern beauty (not so much) do loft industrial

It is worth mentioning that, regardless of theme or style, any loft follows that same structure we mentioned earlier: a large space that integrates environments without the use of traditional walls. Another feature still prominent in contemporary models is the wide doors and windows on the lower floor.. In addition, for being a more “private” level, the mezzanine usually serves as a bedroom, inspecting the living room and kitchen below.

Taking off these trademarks, however, loft planning has changed dramatically. Today's projects have sustainable and architectural evolutions that do more justice to the urban aesthetics in which they are located, like the double height, the open plan and the zenith lighting.

It is notable that the nature of a modern loft no longer fits the low budget of yesteryear. – because the focus is now based on practicality, in the personalization and beauty desired in any permanent home.

decoration is life

in the decorative area, the loft is no longer industrial to be what the person wants. Although the original remnants are still present here and there (on the brick walls and exposed electrical pipes, for example), the expressive freedom of colors and themes is unparalleled.

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We found combinations of all kinds: classic styles, rustic and futuristic, light and noble furniture, tinted and opaque windows, and so on.

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The fact that the loft is built in a higher room than usual and has uniform dimensions allows its owner to move the position of each piece between rooms as he sees fit.. There is no specific place for the fridge, for example, much less for the sofa and the dining table – every corner has something to offer.

With that said, there is 3 popular loft styles. Are they:

  • Artistic: Probably the first that comes to our mind. These lofts often more often bring the iconic attributes of the originals., but still exude personality with the most diverse decorations. Another advantage of these spaces is the continuous wall between the floors, perfect surface for art samples, wallpapers, curtains, neon lighting, shelves, disks and mockups, thing they take great advantage of. In summary, the loft becomes a small work studio where people express their colors and inspirations.
  • Modern: Monochrome is essential here, even more when referring to furniture. This minimalist aesthetic values ​​the simplicity and “politeness” of the environment., using dark colored metallic structures to create depth (the metallic louvers are among the darlings). Some typical decorations include plants, stylish light fixtures that fall from the ceiling, matte finishes, plush rugs and floors interspersed with wooden planks.
  • Rustic: The rustic theme is characterized by the “solidity” of the environment and the old-fashioned objects of vintage lovers.. Wood and leather parts, Detailed ornaments and grille windows are ideal suggestions for such an aesthetic.. The brown and beige tones, in the most part, complement each other to exude tender and calm feelings. The presence of iron does not disappear here, although – the shape of the stairs is often modified, with the spiral being the focus of attention.

in general ways, the main ingredients for a sensational loft are bricks, the iron and the stainless steel, the hints of concrete and the continuous color palette between the environments. The possibilities are endless.

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