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The Mosaic Art of Jean Marcos

Jean Marcos é Artista Plástico.

Jean Marcos is a Visual Artist.

Jean Marcos, citizen of Bahia state, born in Candeias, currently lives on Salvador in Bahia. Today with 32 years old, produces pieces with an exceptional talent, and clients to take out the hat. His marvelous artworks are part of the decoration of artists and famous icons of Brazilian society, as the singer Geraldo Azevedo, and Neymar, the ace of the Santos football club, who now plays for Barcelona in Spain.

São Jorge.To the 16 years old, taking as inspiration the curiosity and the difficulties of life, Jean began his career in the Visual Arts, but at 10 ever dreamed of a artistic life. Through his friendship with the renowned architect and visual artist Eliezer Nobre, both began to learn the art of mosaic.

Santo Antônio.Currently the mosaic artist performs in several styles and materials, but has a special passion for Byzantine mosaic, creating pieces of Jesus, São Jorge, Santo Antonio, Santo Expedito, Santa Barbara, Santa Luzia, Yemanja, Cosme and Damião and many more. He is developing a project to sell their pieces in pictures, which according to the artist will have a lower cost, for every budget. Abstract paintings in oil on canvas and sculptures are also part of his portfolio.

In his atelier, alone, When he create feels like to be able to more, to go beyond and happy. The creation process must be always happening in his life and his next work usually relates to previous works. Never thought em quit the arts, since it is a therapy for the artist, that when performing, feels one with the universe.

Casa com mosaico.The most striking art for the artist to date has been the completion of the first mosaic house in Bahia, with 618 square feet of pure mosaic of 3×3 cm. A work that initially had only a wall of mosaic, and that through her beauty, just turning the whole house into art. It took 10 months for completion.

Among its exhibits, all individual:

  • SESC Pelourinho/2008
  • Assembléia Legislativa/2009
  • Casa do Comércio/2013

Jean Marcos e Geraldo Azevedo.Was featured in the column of Arts of Revista Exclusiva in June of 2009 and has works in São Francisco do Conde on the school wall, a work of 114 square meters, Prefecture Pojuca participated in a collective work in court 400 square meters with artist Eliezer Nobre, also in the prefecture of Iréce, Prefecture Camaçari, among others.

One of his clients is the famous singer and composer from Pernambuco Geraldo Azevedo, which made his presentation with the artwork on stage at the time of acquisition of the same. Geraldo also received the artist in his dressing room, weaving many compliments and counting his career in music, which left Jean thrilled and honored with your words.

Ivete Sangalo.With a beautiful mosaic, the wonderful singer Ivete Sangalo and King of Pop Michael Jackson was honored, the artist used as a theme a show in which the singer paid tribute to the North American singer. This work has not yet been delivered.

The art of football Neymar, found the mosaic art of Jean. The famous ace of the Santos football club, on that occasion was host of the Super Christmas Challenge, a pickup game with current and former players in Salvador, and won several honors. The striker received a special tribute of Jean Marcos, a work reproducing Neymar performing the traditional celebration of goals. The delivery of the work was done at halftime bountiful among friends and Neymar Selection of Bahia.

Homenagem para Neymar.The biggest star of Brazilian football today thanked tribute: "Po, Thank you very much, man. Really. Thank you very much. Very cool". Jean explained the tribute: "It is a Byzantine mosaic in which I portrayed his image. It's a move that he makes a goal, and that is the time of celebration. It's a very expressive. Then I was invited to come here to give this present to him. I'm a big fan of Neymar. It is a young boy with an amazing talent. Who works with the sensitivity can only take pleasure in a job like that ".

Jean also performs social work with children, adolescents and also deficient in their neighborhood with practical classes, and as a therapeutic work for stressed people. Because in the past he had the opportunity to learn, born this initiative to pass his knowledge forward as gratitude. some projects:

  • project Grow;
  • Lbv – Legion of Good Will;
  • Sso Children's villages;
  • enchanted Oxente project;
  • rehabilitation work in Fundac with juvenile detainees;
  • Work in the squares of Conceição do Coité City Halls, Saint Domingos, Teofilândia, São Francisco do Conde, pojuca, Irece, Camaçari;
  • Cultural workshops in Case Carlos Gomes / Lauro de Freitas in his own office and also at home;
  • among others.

The purpose of the social actions of the artist is to bring art to schools and poor communities… to try to divert young people from drugs!

For those who are starting, Jean leaves an Advice:

Jean Marcos e Neymar - Homenagem Neymar.


"Patience, Determination and Concentration, Focusing on the goal Always. "


Bahia – Brasil
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E-mail: jeanmosaico@hotmail.com
Tel.: + 55 71 8137-4827 / 8895-4423


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