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The Sacred Art Museum of Sao Paulo promotes Course in Loco: Diamantina. Disclosure.

The Sacred Art Museum of Sao Paulo promotes Course in Loco: Diamantina

A Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo promotes a Course in Loco in Diamantina
with the Profº. Drº. Marcos Horácio Gomes Days


It was not just gold that represented a great wealth for Minas Gerais, but we also have all diamond production in the region of Serro and Arraial do Tejuco (current Diamantina). This production was the hardest hit with the restrictive measures of the crown. After the official announcement of his discovery, in 1729, Portugal declared the monopoly of the crown, circumscribing a territory within the Minas Gerais Captaincy, which was directly under the royal authority. The Quartermaster of Diamonds was created in the region known as Diamond District. At the peak of diamond production we see the creation of houses, baroque churches and chapels. In this way, the aim of the course is to present a study on the spot about the art and culture of Minas Gerais of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the cities of Diamantina and Serro. The course aims to assist in the identification of different artistic styles (Baroque, Rococo and neoclassical) and deepening questions about the creation of religious institutions and the artists ' drive to meet the demands of the Church and society diamond mining.

Advertising: Banner Luiz Carlos de Andrade Lima

Date: From 15 to 19 November 2018
Hours: 38 hours
Investment: Price per person in double room: R$ 4.295,00 – Supplement for Single Occupancy: R$380,00
Form of payment: 20% entry and the remainder up to 06 times in the credit card, or entry + 04 times in bank bill.
In case of cancellation of your trip, can replace with another person 07 days before the trip.

The package includes:
– Output Transfer in executive coach MAS to Congonhas Airport
– aerial part: São Paulo / borders / São Paulo
– executive coach to transfer Confins Airport / Diamantina / Airport and at the disposal throughout the period of stay
– 04 night stay at the Hotel Pousada do Garimpo breakfast (From 15 to 19/11) – www.pousadadogarimpo.com.br
– micro transport or Vans to circulate in Diamantina (01 day)
– accompanying tour guide in Diamantina
– Travel insurance GTA
– Senator Kit and personalized luggage tags
– Pampering Senator Tourism
– Companion Museum of Sacred Art of São Paulo
– Escort Senator Tourism

Not included: meal expenses, drinks and visiting local (churches, museums, train sets)

Output: Parking Sacred Art Museum of Sao Paulo
Day: 15 th November of 2018
Time: 5h in the morning
Address: Rua Jorge Miranda, 43, Light – Subway Tiradentes.
Return: 19 November - 19:20 – on their own - Congonhas airport
Inscriptions: mfatima@museuartesacra.org.br
Information: (11) 5627.5393
Vacancies: 30 vacancies

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