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The Sweetest Museum in the World returns to São Paulo

From 10 September, visitors will be able to know the news of the most instagrammable space, sweet and happy from Brazil

São Paulo, 05 September 2022 – The Sweetest Museum World is back to the city of São Paulo. From next Saturday, 10 September, to exhibition more instagrammable, sweet and happy country will be open to the public. This time, located in Shopping Vila Olímpia, from 10 September to 30 October.

Directly from Lisbon, with the name of The Sweet Art Museum, the colorful and irreverent exhibition arrives with a mission to spread and share happiness. Editing 2022 of the The Sweetest Museum World brings more digital and interactive rooms, in addition to new tastings. Altogether, will be 14 environments for the public “Say Yes to Happiness!” in large-scale candy installations and immersive projection room, as if the world was made confectionery.

With all the spaces different from the past edition, the exhibition structure also has an augmented reality app, the sweets in each room take on a life of their own for an unusual pose, with characters and walls that move. Each room will have a different story to discover. Have you ever thought about dancing next to an ice cream? All planned so that visitors can capture images of this dream universe, sweets and colors and share your experience with hashtags #digasimafelicidade and #the sweetest museum in the world

A kitchen set up at the end of the Museum surprises the visitor, there will be some classes that will be broadcast directly through the Museum's social networks.

Ticket purchase is by appointment.. Tickets are now available on the Eventim website., but can also be purchased at the local box office from 10 September.

Partner brands

The World's Sweetest Museum is a partnership of major brands, like Nestle, Cocoa Show, Docile and Shopping Vila Olimpia.

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The Sweetest Museum World

When: from 10 September to 30 October.

Where: Shopping Vila Olímpia – 2nd floor

Address: street olympics, 360 – Vila Olympia


_Tuesday to Friday: from 12h to 21h;

_Saturdays: from 10:00 to 10:00 pm;

_Sundays and holidays: from 11:00 to 9:00 pm;

Tickets on sale via the website: www.eventim.com.br

Prices: from R $ 70,00 (entire) e R$ 35,00 half price

Age rating: free. Children 14 years of age must be accompanied by parents or guardians

How it works: the itinerary includes visits to 14 environments. When buying the ticket, the user chooses the time of the visit

in networks:

_Instagram: @omuseumaisdocedomundo
_WebSite: www.omuseumaisdocedomundo.com.br

Tik Tok : @museumaisdocedomundo

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