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“What young people want is quality of life” by Maria Carolina Rossi

Daily read news and see research on young people, Generation Y and even millennials, seeking in the labor market. Some have even memorized: autonomy, alignment with the company's purpose, incentives, among other actions. Really, I agree with all, but I believe that two little words well define what we really seek: quality of life. We do not want to be more than half the prisoners day at the office or hours in traffic, much less use that uncomfortable and hot social clothing. We want to wake up and be willing to go to work, not arrive on Sunday and already be suffering for Monday, because of the pressure that boss, and often, do not know stimulate, or arrive in an environment where all complain and speak evil of the coordinators in the back.

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This week I overheard a conversation between two businessmen, with more than 45 years, saying that all young people 25 years go by discouraging times when you want to change jobs or are dissatisfied, only, when they become older, They acclimate and understand that the work is like that.

Does it have to be like? Wake up and rushed out, come home exhausted, often feel discouraged or overwhelmed? For sure, doesn't it. Many of us do not want to spend more 20 years in the same company or become slaves work. We want to live life in all its areas: professional, familiar, loving. we want to travel, have new experiences, barter, meet new people and not to become hostages of the labor market.

Companies have begun to realize this, They felt on the skin leaving your talents. As startups, then, come up with measures that appeal to new generation, By submitting a flexible schedule policy, gamification programs, home-office, detached rooms, in addition to the permission of the use of shorts and even slippers.

Even giving me and the chiefs who had, recently I decided to opt for my quality of life, work close to where I live, with the clothes that I'm in the mood that day. I can say that was the best choice I made, to agree, hear the birds, to meditate, go to the gym off-peak hours, in addition to eliminating the time the transit of my routine. No doubt, that's what I, be present in every moment of my day, working very well, but with clear purpose and happy to know that I do what I like, without having to be framed in a management model that no longer makes sense for my generation.

If recruiters are still in doubt about what we want, I say: we want quality of life and see meaning in work and business in which we operate.

We are the generation mimimi, but those who believe in the humanization of companies.

About Maria Carolina

Maria Carolina is a journalist with experience in public relations, focusing on media relations. Serves customers in various segments: Builders, Architects, Startup, Publishers, psychologists, Schools, Lawyers, Retail, Health and other.

She graduated in journalism from Mackenzie University and a founding member of the PR Communicates.

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